Benefits of Digitising Your Jewellery Store – Infographic

by Scala Team

Benefits of Digitising Your Jewellery Store – Infographic

by Scala Team

Technological advancement is shaping the way that banks market their products and engage with customers. Banks and financial institutions are now leveraging omnichannel marketing and digital technology to transform banking branches and create a seamless and delightful customer experience.

An Intel study on bank digital signage revealed that a digital sign captured an average of over 400% more views than a static sign. With its unique ability to deliver targeted and interactive content across multiple locations in real-time, bank digital signage has become an integral part of the digital transformation journey for many banks.

Bank digital signage helps to bridge the gap between all-digital banking and in-store banking. Besides enhancing the ambience with attractive visuals and providing customers with vital market information while they wait in line, digital signage also helps banks to increase revenue by cross-selling and upselling products.

Here are 5 ways that digital signage can help to enhance the banking experience.

Transform your bank with Scala banking solutions

Digital signage for banks presents an excellent channel to engage customers, market products, boost branding and streamline internal operations. Self-service kiosks, video walls, waiting area displays and digital screens all work together to elevate the banking experience.

Global banks such as Hamburger Sparkasse utilise Scala’s digital signage solutions to create an engaging and adaptable communications platform to better serve customers and generate higher returns.

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