Digital Signage Management Made Easy

by Esther Chew

Digital Signage Management Made Easy

by Esther Chew

In today’s fast-paced society, marketers are seeking quick and easy solutions to better reach out to their target audience and drive demand. While a large TV screen and a USB flash drive were used to broadcast a promotional slideshow in the past, modern digital signage technology allows brands to easily customise in-store messages using interactive digital screens.

The global digital signage market size was valued at USD 21.49 billion in 2020. It is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.5% from 2021 to 2028. Although the use of digital signage has proliferated in many industries, there remains a portion of non-adopters who are skeptical about the effectiveness and ease of this technology.

In this article, we explain the basics of digital signage management and demonstrate how businesses can easily leverage digital signage to elevate the customer experience and drive sales.

Scala CMS

Create professional content easily

Today’s digital signage software helps marketers to create polished, professional digital signage content at all levels. Easy-to-use templates are readily available for the novice, while advanced users can look forward to seamlessly combine text, graphics, sound and video into broadcast-quality multimedia for a wide range of media formats.

Centrally manage content

A centrally managed and locally updatable content management system allows marketers to control and customize messaging to audiences, customers, personnel and visitors. Easily manage your CMS network with flexible scheduling options, permission-based user roles and network monitoring features.

Manage updates simply

A user-friendly and intuitive content management system allows marketers to simply update content and prices with a few clicks from any connected device. Digital signage promotes cost and time savings, and the need for printing is eliminated.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

For businesses that are looking for a seamless approach to digital signage, Scala SaaS is an affordable and highly flexible solution that allows users to drive powerful digital marketing while greatly reducing the complexity and overheads of launching and managing a digital signage network.

In addition to SaaS, Scala goes a step further to offer fully managed services via managed SaaS (m-SaaS), providing additional support by supplying the full suite of content management services.

Gain customer insights

Smart, beautiful digital signage is just the beginning. Digital signage technologies further benefit businesses by gathering analytics and insights to help them understand their customers and optimise the customer experience.

For instance, Scala’s real-time analytics platform, Walkbase, utilizes sensor technology to bring an unmatched level of insight into visitor preferences and patterns as well as employee behaviors taking place in any physical space.

Digital signage is the future

From enhancing retail and improving the dining experience, to creating smarter workplaces, transportation hubs and schools, digital signage has proliferated almost every aspect of our daily lives.

For over 30 years, Scala has helped businesses across many industries transform their marketing and elevate their customer experience. Check out Scala’s solutions and transform your marketing journey today.

About the Author:

Esther Chew is the Sr. Manager – Corp Comm & Marketing at Scala Asia-Pacific and is responsible for developing and implementing the internal and external communications strategy and programmes across Asia-Pacific. She drives the company’s corporate image and brand messaging through integrated and strategic communications leveraging various platforms such as executive communication, client communication, digital marketing, media relations and B2B events.

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