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Scala Digital Signage Software

Reliable, simple and flexible

CMS Content Manager

Content Manager

Control and customize playlists to deliver the right content to the intended audiences at the right time. Scala Content Manager is an easy-to-use.

CMS Designer

Scala Designer

The feature-rich content creation tool was specifically engineered for the digital signage market and can support a wide range of media formats from 4K videos to social media feeds.

CMS Media Player

Scala Player

The software component that resides within a Scala media player to power dynamic content, player-level scheduling and feature management functions.


Scala Designer Cloud

A web-based tool created for novice and intermediate users to produce beautiful, brand compliant and engaging digital signage from scratch or by using a provided template.


Scala Player

Scala Player software delivers stable and reliable 24/7 playback to ensure optimal uptime. By sending content directly to media players using store-and-forward technology means never having to worry about blank screens. Scala Player keeps a log of events for simplified ad billing and error tracking and is able to update on-air without interruption.

Compatible with both Linux and Windows, the Scala Player delivers smooth sub-pixel movement and saves changes to content without whole downloads to increase efficiency. The seamless interface can also play back interactive videos on a touchscreen monitor for ease-of-use.

Scala Player Feature


Stable and Reliable

Stable and reliable digital signage playback 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Superior Playback

Superior playback technology delivers smooth sub-pixel motion without distracting choppy, stutters


Smart Download

Player will only download changes, not the entire content.


Player Health

Communicates with Content Manager to track Player health and log events for ad billing or other reporting.



Windows Script Host Support enables seamless interface between Player and other systems/data using JavaScript, Python or VBScript.


Streaming Support

Supports Windows Streaming Video or live video inputs with corresponding hardware.


Touchscreen Support

Plays either self-running media or interactive content with a touchscreen



When complete, publish your content to Scala Content Manager where it is scheduled and distributed to Scala Players.

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