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Digital Menu Board

Scala’s flagship digital menu board solution transforms menus and allows restaurants to display enticing food imagery, eye-catching videos and real-time promotions to influence customers as they make purchase decisions. The digital menu board solution can be easily integrated with queue management, self-ordering kiosk and point-of-sale systems to streamline the ordering and payment process.


Scala’s wayfinder presents a dynamic solution to help visitors easily navigate large facilities, complexes and campuses with minimal cost using powerful interactive digital screens and kiosks.

Interactive Kiosk

A key element of Scala’s assisted selling concepts, digital signage kiosks enable businesses to create and deploy fully interactive experiences to engage customers, gather insights and drive sales. Scala’s kiosk technology can be used to increase interactivity across a wide range of industries, from retail and restaurants to transportation and healthcare. Enable deep product discovery, personalisation, easy wayfinding, self-service and self-checkout.

Smart Fitting Room

Scala’s Smart Fitting Rooms make the fitting room experience hassle-free and enjoyable, helping retailers to improve the customer experience and increase purchase conversions. Each fitting room is equipped with a physical buzzer. Customers can request for assistance while in the fitting room by simply pressing the buzzer, which sends an instant notification (on-screen and audio) to staff.

Flight Information Display System

Scala’s Flight Information Display System (FIDS) is a comprehensive, multi-lingual system that distributes and displays real-time flight-related information to passengers and airport operational staff. When combined with master systems integration and powerful applications, airports can utilise the power of FIDS to create a seamless passenger experience and increase operational efficiency.

Passenger Information Display System

Scala’s Passenger Information Display System (PIDS) is a comprehensive, multi-lingual system that distributes and displays real-time travel-related information to passengers and operational staff.

When combined with master systems integration and powerful applications, train companies can utilise the power of PIDS to create a seamless passenger experience and increase operational efficiency.

LINQ Smart Shelf

Deliver powerful, in-aisle shopping experiences and brand messaging with eye-catching clarity using LINQ Smart Shelf. Developed and built by customer engagement experts, LINQ Smart Shelf is a full hardware and software solution that delivers programmable, high-definition multimedia content to attract attention, boost impulse buys, and drive sales.

Queue Management System

Scala’s Queue Management System is a smart, intuitive, and powerful solution to streamline queue management and improve efficiency. The system facilitates self-service registration and helps businesses to enhance the customer experience by keeping drop-in customers informed about queue specifics while they wait off-site, reducing congestion and improving safety for staff and visitors.

LINQ Tablets

Developed and built by customer engagement experts, LINQ tablets match powerful performance with a sturdy design to deliver best-of-class immersive digital experiences. LINQ tablets are designed to withstand continuous commercial use in any demanding high-volume environment, and are optimized for fixed applications such as point of sale (POS), digital catalogues, digital signage, self-service kiosks and interactive guided selling solutions.

Digital Standee

Retailers can create a modern, streamlined store entrance with eye-catching digital signs, replacing multiple easel stands for a clutter-free entrance that attracts customers and increases store footfall with eye-catching displays. Digital Standees can be used to highlight flash sales, showcase new products, and create a product finder or an endless aisle solution to help customers locate products. They can also be utilised as a wayfinding kiosk.

Smart Pickup

LINQ Smart Pickup helps restaurants to enhance the customer experience, increase operational efficiency and improve order accuracy by automating curbside and instore pickup options. Developed and built by customer engagement experts, LINQ Smart Pickup is a full hardware and software solution that integrates with store and customer data to drive meaningful, accurate, low-touch, or no-touch pickup interactions.

Video Walls

Video walls powered by Scala deliver superior visuals and high-quality videos that command attention, helping brands to create an impressive impression and enhance the shopping experience. Businesses can manage screen content centrally and update changes in real-time.

Virtual Helpdesk

Scala’s Virtual Helpdesk for airports is a convenient one-stop information desk for round-the-clock virtual assistance. This solution helps airports to enhance customer service by enabling passengers to have real-time conversations with airport staff via video call. Passengers with special needs can request for extra assistance and arrange for porter service.

Meeting Room Manager

Scala’s Meeting Room Manager is an elegant addition to your workspace, providing visibility of meetings and helping everyone find and book available rooms with ease. Manage and optimise workspaces. Get clear insights to help improve workspace utilisation.

Walkbase TREQ

Walkbase TREQ is the most powerful and accurate tool to gather data from all critical customer interactions under one platform – providing an unprecedented view across the whole customer journey. Comprising four components, Walkbase TREQ integrates multiple data sources to present enterprise-level in-store analytics and reporting. Gain insights to improve store layout and optimize the customer journey.

Place & Learn

Place & Learn offers a cost-effective way to build an interactive display and create personalized and engaging shopping experiences. The concept is simple: placement of a product on a central platform triggers product information to display on a digital screen or device, allowing for deeper product discovery. The ‘wow’ factor is enhanced with the addition of LED lighting.

Lift & Learn

Lift and Learn is an interactive way to guide product discovery. Simply lifting a product from the shelf triggers product information to be displayed on a screen or device. Customers can lift and compare multiple items based on features, benefits and price, helping them right at the point of decision.  The solution can easily be integrated with anti-theft sensors for high value products like electronics and high-end cosmetics.

Touch & Tell

Scala’s Touch & Tell ‘smart mannequin’ solution treats shoppers to a high-touch immersive experience with touch fabric sensors embedded within the mannequin’s clothing. The touch fabric sensors trigger a nearby touchscreen to display detailed product information and highlight features specific to the area of clothing selected.

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