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How Digital Signage Transforms
Shopping Malls – Vlog

Video log by Jasdeep Kohli

Interested in enhancing the shopping experience for your customers?

Create immersive and memorable customer experiences with retail digital signage.

The Asia-Pacific retail sector has rebounded after a prolonged slump and muted activity in the last two years due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The APAC region is driving the global retail industry, generating about three-quarters of retail growth worldwide. In India, the retail sector is expected to grow at 10% annually and hit $2 trillion by 2032.

Retailers are seeing a resurgence in brick-and-mortar businesses, which means deploying technology to attract attention, boost customer loyalty, and increase sales.

Retail digital signage has evolved from being a novelty to a necessity to support the delivery of a unified, personalised, and immersive shopping experience.

Watch the video below and see how Scala’s retail solutions empower retailers to build a modern and memorable shopping experience.

Scala CMS

Welcome Customers

Draw shoppers in with impressive outdoor digital signage and greet them with welcoming entrance displays.

Create Ambience

Inspire wonder and create a stimulating shopping environment with digital displays.


Showcase mall brands, seasonal collections and special offers to attract shoppers into stores.

Wayfinding/Digital Directory

Help shoppers locate stores, eateries and facilities with kiosks and interactive screens.

Create Social Shopping Experiences

Engage shoppers and grow social media channels with social media video walls.

Customer Feedback

Collect feedback and learn more about shopper preferences with interactive kiosks.

Drive Revenue

Offer digital placements to resident brands to create an additional source of revenue.

With over 30 years of experience, Scala offers industry-leading digital signage for retail stores. Scala’s retail solutions enable retailers to deepen customer engagement, create unique shopping experiences, and influence purchase decisions.

Would you like to offer your customers an experience they won’t forget?

Leverage retail digital signage and offer a stellar customer experience.

Wondering if shoppers are happy with your store?

Display interactive kiosks and get real-time feedback from your valued shoppers.

Want to generate a new revenue stream for your business?

Get resident brands onboard, monetise retail digital signage and create an additional source of revenue.

Transform Customer Experiences with Scala Retail Solutions

Scala has partnered with many global retail brands to help them transform their customer experience with smart marketing technology and digital signage.

Find out more about Scala retail solutions and kickstart your retail transformation today.

About the Author

Jasdeep Kohli, Vice President Marketing – APAC at STRATACACHE, leads the spectrum of marketing initiatives across the Asia-Pacific region, covering customer engagement & product marketing, digital and social media marketing, branding & public relations. With extensive cross disciplinary expertise in marketing, branding and management, he has been a key driver in promoting STRATACACHE as a thought leader and extending its brand presence in APAC.

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