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Full-Service Concept Providers

Scala offers a one-stop solution, providing software, hardware, and after-sales support.


Scala Content Manager

Scala Content Management system allows you to manage your content and deploy it to your digital network, with dozens…

Scala Designer Cloud

Scala Designer Cloud is an easy-to-use, intuitive, web-based composition and design tool that enables users to create beautiful, compelling and engaging….

Scala Designer

Scala Designer is a standalone application for creating designs with multiple layers, interactivity and data-driven information.

Scala Player

Scala Player software delivers stable and reliable 24/7 playback even if your network connection goes down.


Scala Designer

Media Players

The Scala digital signage management software is flexible and scalable, allowing you to customize every aspect of your digital experience regardless of the size or scope of your project.

All-In-One Tablets

Engineered for performance, stability and capability to suit every need

Shelf Edge Displays

Deliver powerful, in-aisle shopping experiences and brand messaging with eye-catching clarity using LINQ all-in-one shelf edge displays.