Scala Content Manager

Enable smart content management

Scala Content Manager

Enable smart content management

Scala Content Manager enables smart content management to help marketers better control their digital signage network. It offers a user-friendly interface and manages all types of media effectively. It provides a seamless way to manage user access and distribute content.

Scala Content Manager Features


Flexible Playlist

Flexible playlists – Create playlists, smart playlists and sub-playlists based on one of various conditions using Scala scripts, messages, videos, flash or static images.



Define and edit playlist time slots with a simple graphical view. With variable recurrence patterns and start/end dates



Approve content before media can be played. Selected users will be notified by email when an approval is required.


Multiple Independent Frame

Easily create multiple frames within a display with each frame playing independent content.


Multi-Channel Support

Run two entirely separate channels from a single player, immediately reducing your hardware, OS licensing and administration costs.


Player Management

Group Players by criteria (geography, demographics, etc.), set playback options and select content to play.


Maintenance Scheduling

Conduct remote maintenance tasks such as reboot, send and retrieve files or install Scala software updates.



Manage access to content for different departments so each group only sees the messages they are supposed to.

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Scala Content Manager for Smart Content Management System

Scala Content Manager Spec Sheet

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