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4 Creative Retail Digital Signage Content Ideas

by Scala Team

4 Creative Retail Digital Signage Content Ideas

by Scala Team

Keeping your retail digital signage fresh and engaging is an ongoing challenge for any retail store. It is also essential to keeping your customers interested and engaged with your brand, and immersed in the experience of shopping in your store. Retailers must avoid letting content get stale, and explore ways to be creative with their digital signage to get the maximum value from it.
Retail digital signage content ideas
Here are some of Scala’s favourite ideas for creative retail digital signage content.

Latest Product Showcase

Advertise your latest exciting new product or brand with an eye-catching digital display. Use high-quality images, 4k video and eye-catching branding to draw the eye and excite your customers. Even a rotation of beautiful images with seamless transitions can create a highly effective visual display for your store.

TIP: Scala Designer makes it easy to create matching templates in a variety of formats and layouts to suit your different screen types.

Digital Signage Maintenance

Sale promotion with synchronised screen content across the store

Maximise the potential of your in-store sale by displaying your latest offers across all of the digital signs in your store, from your videowalls and large-format screens to your self-checkout kiosks and window displays.

Once you have your suite of content ready, you can schedule content to appear across all of the screens in your store. For example, digital signs near the store entrance can highlight the time-limited nature of the sale, while screens near the checkout line can focus on upsell and cross-sell to encourage additional purchases while customers wait.

TIP: Scala Content Manager makes it easy to schedule and publish synchronised content across screens, as well as display different content on different screens.

Digital Signage Maintenance

Inspiration Moodboard Videowall

Drive buzz and excitement around current trends and showcase products with a moodboard-style videowall showing different products or images that have a central theme or look. Pair product images and videos with engaging and aspirational imagery and eye-catching design.

TIP: Scala Designer makes it easy to create templates with layered text, images and videos for compelling and eye-catching content.

Interactive Tablet Lookbook

Lookbooks are a great way to showcase latest store products that align with current trends and moods. Go one step further by creating an interactive lookbook for your retail self-service kiosks or in-store tablets, where customers can browse latest season collections, select items and even purchase/order direct from the kiosk or tablet.

TIP: LINQ tablets by Scala are the perfect option for commercial-grade interactive retail applications like digital catalogue and interactive lookbooks

Digital Signage Maintenance

Explore creative digital signage for Retail with Scala today

Scala has empowered thousands of retail brands worldwide to transform the in-store experience and deliver engaging, compelling digital signage content that keeps customers engaged and drives sales in-store. Harness the power and potential of digital signage for your store today.

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