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5 Digital Signage Solutions for Healthcare Clinics

by Scala Team

5 Digital Signage Solutions for Healthcare Clinics

by Scala Team

Digital signage is fast becoming an indispensable tool in the healthcare industry as a way to communicate with patients and staff, improve service and enhance the patient experience. It is a highly effective medium for healthcare, with statistics showing that 52% of patients get some health information from digital signage, while 75% of patients say they can recall at least one message seen on digital signage in a healthcare facility.
Digital Signage Solutions for Healthcare Clinics
With advances in technology, healthcare clinics now have a wide variety of digital signage solutions to choose from. In this article, we explore some of the most popular digital signage solutions for healthcare clinics.

1. Interactive Digital Signage

Interactive digital signage can take many forms, from interactive kiosks to large touchscreens and mobile integrated displays. This type of digital signage allows patients and staff to interact directly with digital displays and can help streamline a number of processes in healthcare facilities. For example, interactive kiosks in a clinic waiting room can provide access to patient forms, medical information, digital check-in, patient feedback and more.

2. Queue Management System

Digital queue management systems for healthcare clinics offer multiple benefits. First, they help streamline the patient flow process and reduce perceived wait times for patients. By displaying real-time information about queue progress, queue management systems provide extra transparency about wait times, enabling clinic staff to more accurately track patient satisfaction and potential delays. By simplifying and digitising the patient flow process, digital queue management systems can also help drive better efficiency and cost savings for healthcare clinics.

3. Digital Wayfinding

The ability to use digital signage and interactive maps is rapidly becoming a crucial part of effective healthcare navigation, especially for large clinics and healthcare facilities. Digital wayfinding for healthcare helps keep patients and visitors informed of important information such as the location of services, facilities, clinics and operation rooms. Digital wayfinding solutions help reduce stress by giving patients and visitors reliable directions and guidance on where they need to go or what service they need.

4. Videowall

Videowalls are the latest trend in modern digital signage for healthcare clinics. They can be used to display real-time information about clinic services, available doctors, clinic news and other vital information. Videowalls can also be used to educate, inform and entertain patients in clinic waiting rooms, offering valuable information like healthcare tips, information about nutrition, exercise and disease prevention, timely health reminders and more.

5. Feedback kiosks

Patient feedback is critical for healthcare clinics to continue to improve service and patient satisfaction. By using interactive kiosks and tablets, healthcare providers can offer patients a convenient platform to provide real-time feedback about their experiences. This feedback can be used to further improve the quality of care and services offered, as well as collect valuable information such as survey responses and reviews which can help shape policies and procedures at the facility.

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