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Scala Queue Management System for Cafes, Restaurants & QSRs – Vlog

by Scala Team

Scala Queue Management System for Cafes, Restaurants & QSRs – Vlog

by Scala Team

The adoption of digital technology in quick service restaurants (QSRs) has rapidly accelerated in the last two years. It is rare to enter any major fast-food outlet these days and not encounter dynamic digital menu boards, self-ordering kiosks, contactless payment and other forms of digital technology. Customer expectations, demands, and preferences have evolved, and this has extended all the way to the queue.

Some recent research shows that if a restaurant or café has more than 6 customers standing in the queue, people are deterred from waiting. For this reason, quick service restaurants and cafes should strongly consider investing in a restaurant queue management system to avoid missing out on business and losing out to their competitors.

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How smart queue management improves customer satisfaction

With long queues being one of the biggest causes of customer dissatisfaction, a QSR queue management system has become an essential tool for every restaurant, cafe, and QSR. With Scala Queue Management System (QMS), restaurants and cafes can improve efficiency and service speed, better manage lines, reduce perceived wait time and keep customers informed of their place in the queue.

A restaurant queue management system greatly improves overall customer satisfaction by:

  • reducing perceived wait time
  • assigning queue numbers and keeping customers informed of their place in the queue
  • removing the need to stand in line for long periods by offering virtual queueing and mobile alerts
  • improving restaurant efficiency and service speed


Introducing Scala Queue Management System (QMS) for Restaurants and Cafes

Scala Queue Management System for Restaurants is a must-have tool to improve customer experiences and reduce wait times in cafes and restaurants.

Features and benefits

  • Update customers on estimated wait times and queue status
  • Easily assign queue numbers
  • Ticketless system
  • Mobile notifications keep customers informed of their order status and place in the queue
  • Display real-time order status and order numbers on digital screens
  • Automatic distribution of queue number upon order completion
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