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Scala APAC Managing Director Manish Kumar shares how Scala empowers brands to build superior customer experiences, in an exclusive interview with Forbes India.

Digital transformation is changing the way businesses operate and deliver value. Traditional marketing approaches are no longer effective in attracting and retaining customers. The influence and impact of omnichannel marketing are driving businesses to prioritise the customer experience and reconsider their go-to-market strategies.

Customer experience is undeniably the key to business growth. According to Bain & Company, companies that are committed to enhancing their customers’ experience can increase their revenue to 4 – 8% above their market. In addition, research from Dimension Data revealed that 84% of companies that improved their customer experience noted revenue growth, and 79% of those companies realised cost savings.

Success will go to firms that embrace new technologies and provide an unrivalled customer experience. What role, then, does digital signage play in the digital transformation journey? Scala APAC Managing Director Manish Kumar shares how Scala empowers brands to build superior customer experiences with digital signage, in an exclusive interview with Forbes India.

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Subscribers of Forbes India can read the full article here (pg 10-11)

“We bring to the table over 30 years of expertise and experience in providing powerful end-to-end digital deployments for the largest global businesses and brands. Helping clients maximise digital investment with innovative solutions is our aim.” Scala APAC MD Manish Kumar

Digital signage is essential for digital transformation

Digital signage is a versatile communication tool that serves a variety of functions such as: to display targeted messages, convey internal communication or share product information to enhance customer service, hype promotions and improve brand affinity. It plays a key role in influencing purchase decisions and forms an integral part of every modern retail store.

Solutions such as Lift & Learn enriches the touch and feel experience; while digital shelf talkers facilitate product discovery by encouraging self-guided product exploration and comparison. On the other hand, video walls can transform any business by attracting maximum attention through stunning visuals. Furthermore, digital signage enables brands to entertain and inspire the gen-Zs and millennials by syncing digital screens with social media feeds and curating hashtag mentions.

Statistics show that digital signage is a worthwhile investment: 68% of customers make a purchase after seeing digital signage and retail digital signage can help boost sales by up to 29.5%.

Scala stays at the forefront of technology and innovation

Scala stays at the forefront of technology and offers cutting-edge solutions for a wide range of industries including retail, QSR, banking, healthcare, transportation and education.

Scala helps businesses redefine the customer experience through interactive digital solutions that are engaging and informative, while enabling brands to better understand their customers’ behaviour through actionable data and insights.

This year, Scala has launched innovative solutions such as the SuperLumin Content Accelerator, Smart Fitting Room and Virtual Helpdesk to empower businesses to increase profitability, productivity and growth. We expect more solutions to take off this year as more savvy businesses continue to make investments in digital signage.

Scala makes it easy with digital signage Software-as-a-Service(SaaS)

Interested to leverage digital signage and embark on your digital transformation journey but unsure where to begin? No worries! Scala offers affordable and convenient digital signage software-as-a-service (SaaS) that allows you achieve your marketing agenda while greatly reducing the complexity and overheads of launching and managing your digital signage network.

For those looking for complete support on creating, managing and distributing content, Scala offers fully managed services via managed SaaS (m-SaaS). This hassle-free approach enables you to focus on your core business.

Global brands trust Scala

Many global brands have utilised Scala digital signage solutions to create engaging, informative and interactive digital content. Check out this page to discover how the Scala team guided various brands to accomplish their unique objectives.

For more information on Scala solutions, click here.

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