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Video Walls Deliver Immersive
Customer Experiences – Infographic

The video wall market is envisioned to grow from $17.3 billion in 2020 to $37.26 billion in 2026. Many leading brands utilise video walls as part of their marketing strategy to create high impact visuals that establish a strong first impression and reaches a large audience. Video walls empower businesses to deliver dynamic content and create immersive customer experiences.
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Video Wall Displays (Powered by Scala) Empower Businesses

Video wall displays (powered by Scala) offer cutting-edge UHD picture quality and proven reliability and scalability. They come in a range of bezel widths and can be configured to specific sizes, shapes and resolutions to provide the perfect fit for any corporate environment.

Scala has empowered many brands across the globe to deliver immersive customer experiences by leveraging video walls.

For example, Basic-Fit, the largest budget fitness club chain in Europe, implemented Scala software to deliver an impressive Virtual Fitness Experience concept to more than 800 locations across Europe. In the healthcare arena, Pantai hospital in Kuala Lumpur installed a video wall to serve primarily as a digital doctor directory.

At the same time, airports have also utilised video walls to enhance passenger experiences. Bristol Airport has used Scala software to deliver content to the largest fine pitch LED video wall in the UK – the airport’s 14m x 2.5m digital wall.


Transform Your Business with Scala

Scala partners with brands across many industries to transform their customer experience with smart marketing technology and digital signage. Leverage video walls to enhance your digital experience today. Find out more here.

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