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5 Digital Signage Solutions for Beauty Stores

by Scala Team

5 Digital Signage Solutions for Beauty Stores

by Scala Team

Digital signage solutions are revolutionising the beauty retail industry, allowing businesses to engage customers in innovative and exciting ways. Beauty retail is exploding globally, but the Asia-Pacific region is the largest consumer and fastest growing market for beauty products in the world, with China, Japan, and India being the biggest markets. According to L’Oreal, North Asia represents a huge 35% of the global beauty market.

Even though there has been a huge shift toward online shopping, a trend seen not just in beauty but for every other category of retail, 46% of consumers say they prefer to see beauty products in-person. This means that shopping in-store for beauty and cosmetics is going nowhere, and therefore beauty retailers are looking for ways to enhance the experience and keep customers returning to their brick-and-mortar stores.

Digital Signage Solutions for Beauty Stores

Why should beauty retailers explore digital solutions to enhance the in-store experience?

With digital solutions, beauty retailers can create interactive shopping experiences that make it easier for customers to explore products and find the perfect item for them. Interactive digital solutions, in particular, allow a deeper level of personalisation and more relevant product recommendations, leading to a higher likelihood of purchase. Additionally, digital solutions allow beauty stores to effectively market new products, advertise promotions, and even conduct surveys to better understand customer preferences.

In this article we explore four digital signage solutions for beauty stores looking to increase sales and customer engagement.

1. Interactive Displays

Interactive displays are wide-ranging and come in many forms, from touchscreen LEDs and kiosks to commercial tablets. Interactive digital signage displays allow customers to browse through products, access detailed product information and make brand comparisons. Beyond product exploration, interactive displays can also be used to deliver value-add content like virtual makeup and skincare tutorials. More complex solutions like virtual try-on give customers a chance to virtually try on different looks and shades before making a purchase.

Some common examples of interactive displays in beauty stores include:

  • Virtual Try-On/Virtual Makeover Station
  • Digital Catalogue
  • Product Finder/Product & Price Checker
  • Digital Shelf Talker

2. Beauty Quiz Kiosk

A specialised example of interactive display for beauty stores, beauty quiz kiosks are a great way for beauty retailers to drive more sales and engage customers. Customers answer questions about their skin type, beauty preferences, favourite brands and makeup styles and receive product recommendations tailored to their needs. This not only helps customers find the right product for them, but can also encourage them to purchase more items through upsell and cross-sell and special offers.

Additionally, beauty quiz kiosks can be used to collect valuable data about customer preferences and buying habits which beauty retailers can use to optimise marketing strategy and create more targeted promotional campaigns.

3. Endless Aisle

The world of beauty and cosmetics is vast, but floorspace in beauty retail stores is often limited, making it impossible to have every variant of a product available on the shelf. Endless Aisle digital signage allows customers to find a product that may not be available in the physical store, allowing them to check pricing and availability as well as place an order to be delivered to their home at a later date. Not only does this expand the product selection beyond the physical store, it allows beauty retailers to save on inventory costs and storage, limit product waste and improve customer satisfaction by offering more choice.

4. Videowall

Videowalls can be used to create immersive beauty experiences by displaying dynamic content such as makeup tutorials, product reviews, and live events, as well as to showcase promotional offers and new product and brand releases. As well as being eye-catching and creating an attractive shopping environment, video walls can also be used to provide educational content about the latest trends in beauty, skincare, and makeup.

5. Self-checkout Kiosk

Self-checkout kiosks are an increasingly popular fixture in all kinds of retail. In beauty retail stores they provide customers with a more convenient shopping experience, allowing customers to skip the queue, quickly and easily scan their items, pay for them, and be on their way. Additionally, self-checkout kiosks provide beauty retailers with an additional way to advertise products, upsell and promote special offers and related recommended products, all while customers check out. Finally, self-checkout kiosks mean that fewer cashiers are needed, helping to reduce labour costs.

Transform your beauty store with Scala

Scala offers the perfect mix of digital signage solutions for beauty retail to create immersive and engaging shopping experiences. From interactive kiosks and tablets to impressive videowalls and eye-catching digital displays, Scala has the technology and expertise to make your beauty store ideas come to life.

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