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5 Unique Retail Video Wall Ideas to Enhance the Retail Experience

by Tara Nichols

5 Unique Retail Video Wall Ideas to Enhance the Retail Experience

by Tara Nichols

When it comes to in-store digital signage for retail, it pays to think creatively to achieve the maximum impact. If your goal is to create a stellar first impression and wow your customers while also driving sales and brand awareness, dynamic video walls are one of your best retail digital signage investments.
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Like other forms of retail digital signage, video walls come in many different shapes and sizes, with endless possibilities for configurations and layouts. It’s important to consider a number of factors when investing in video walls for retail, including where they should be located, how the content will be played and what kind of visual impact you are hoping to achieve.

Here we explore five unique retail video wall ideas to dazzle customers and enhance the overall retail experience.

1. Large-format entryway video wall

When it comes to attracting customers, your store entryway presents one of the most important opportunities to impress and engage. A large-format entryway video wall is designed to capture attention and immediately wow customers with brand content. With its impressive size and high-resolution display, this type of retail video wall can help retailers create a completely immersive experience as customers enter the store, immediately setting the tone for a great shopping experience. Vibrant visuals and dynamic motion graphics draw customers in, creating a lasting brand impression.

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2. Asymmetric video walls

Asymmetric video walls use unique shapes and screen layouts to create interesting visual displays that can greatly enhance the retail store environment and make the store stand out from competitors. These retail video walls provide a visually striking and dynamic display that captures attention, while the use of asymmetry allows for creative and eye-catching arrangements. By incorporating different screen sizes and orientations, retailers can create visually appealing designs that draw customers in and encourage them to explore the store. Additionally, the flexibility of asymmetric video walls allows for the display of a variety of content, including promotional videos, product demonstrations, and interactive elements.

3. Video wall digital window display for retail

Retail window displays are a key area of store real estate that can be used to attract customers and draw them into the store. While many retailers still rely on static window signage and product displays, a dynamic retail video wall window display is an effective tool for modern retailers to showcase product collections, moodboards, style guides, and in-store sales and promotions. Retailers can use digital window displays to capture the attention of passers by, pique their interest and draw them into the store using dynamic and eye-catching video content.

4. Interactive retail video wall

An interactive retail video wall is a powerful tool to engage shoppers in a variety of ways. Interactive touchscreens can provide shoppers with access to a digital catalogue, allowing them to easily browse a wide range of products and making their shopping experience more convenient and efficient. Incorporating an endless aisle feature into the interactive video wall allows shoppers to access extended inventory, giving them more options and increasing the likelihood of finding exactly what they are looking for. Style guides, lookbooks and other inspirational brand content can be displayed, providing shoppers with inspiration and guidance on how to put together stylish outfits or create a cohesive home decor.

5. Art video wall for luxury retail

Retail stores can elevate the customer experience by moving beyond using digital signage merely to promote products, and immerse customers in a world of art and aesthetics by incorporating large-scale video wall art displays throughout the store. By showcasing beautiful visuals and original artworks, retailers can create a visually stunning environment that exudes luxury and sophistication, enhancing the overall ambience.

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About the Author:

Tara Nichols, Marketing Consultant at SCALA Asia-Pacific, has a diverse background in marketing, social media and communications. Based in Australia, she supports SCALA APAC’s social media and marketing activities, providing content ideation, writing and creative support services.

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