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Digital Signage Ideas for Electronics and Gadgets

by Jasdeep Kohli

Digital Signage Ideas for Electronics and Gadgets

by Jasdeep Kohli

Consumer electronics have become so ingrained in our everyday lives it is hard to imagine life without them. From smartphones and wearables to smart home devices, computers and tablets, gaming consoles, televisions and home entertainment, technology has become an indispensable feature of modern life.

The Asia-Pacific consumer electronics market is on the rise

The appetite for consumer electronics continues to grow as technology and economies evolve. In Asia-Pacific, growing economies including India and South Korea have seen a rapid uptick in overall GDP growth, leading to increased spending on luxury goods and technologies. In fact, according to Euromonitor Asia-Pacific overall is the highest performing region globally when it comes to consumer electronics, which was one of the markets that saw the least contraction during the pandemic and is expected to catch up and exceed pre-pandemic growth by the end of 2022.

In light of this, there are strong opportunities for electronics retailers to capture buyers with smart in-store technology such as digital signage solutions. Here are some in-store digital signage ideas that can help drive sales for electronics and gadgets.

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Digital signage solutions and ideas for electronics retail

1. Highlight technical features and product specifications

Digital signage for electronics stores is an excellent way to highlight different product features and product specifications. Revolving digital displays that cycle through the store’s latest smart devices and gadgets can give a quick overview of a product’s specifications using key terms a shopper may look for, as well as highlight product features that are trending to attract more shoppers.

Additionally, Lift and Learn technology allows shoppers to directly compare product features and specifications, using lift sensors connected to nearby digital screens that display relevant information when an item is lifted.

2. Enable product discovery and comparison

When it comes to electronics and gadgets, features matter. Those in the market for a new device or gadget want to be able to easily delve into product features, specifications and price, and compare details between models to help aid their purchase decision. Digital signage solutions like interactive touchscreens, digital kiosks and LINQ commercial tablets allow customers to easily compare brands and models, providing them with all the product details at their fingertips. Other solutions like Lift and Learn allow customers to compare products (for example, smartphones) that are featured on a special custom shelf or platform. Lifting the item triggers a sensor to display product features on a screen, and allows customers to quickly see and compare key details.

3. Highlight specific brands and products

In the world of consumer electronics, brand recognition plays a huge role in consumer purchase decisions. While many people have intense loyalty to a particular brand, others are more easily swayed by the latest top trending brands and must-have devices. Electronics retailers can use digital signage to play to these loyalties and interests, by highlighting key store brands and products on videowalls, high-definition displays throughout the store, as well as window and storefront digital displays.

4. Advertise sales and promotions

Besides product features and specifications, price is one of the biggest deciding factors for consumers when purchasing electronics and gadgets. Electronics retailers can leverage digital signage to attract customers on the lookout for electronics at the right price and draw in potential shoppers with the latest sales and deals. In-store digital signage solutions such as digital window and storefront displays, digital standees and video walls can all be used to highlight store sale events, brand offers, special limited-time discounts and package deals to entice buyers, and encourage upsell and impulse buys.

Drive more sales with digital signage from Scala

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About the Author:

Jasdeep Kohli, Vice President Marketing – APAC at STRATACACHE/SCALA, leads the spectrum of marketing initiatives across the Asia-Pacific region, which include, product marketing, brand, events, business planning, communications and market research. With extensive cross-disciplinary expertise in marketing, branding and management, he has been a key driver in raising the brand visibility and elevating the market leadership of STRATACACHE & SCALA in APAC. His passion for retail marketing and customer experience drives him to develop innovative and customer-focused approaches to business opportunities.

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