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Maximize the Impact of Your Digital Signage with Content Creation Services

by Scala Creative Solutions Team

Maximize the Impact of Your Digital Signage with Content Creation Services

by Scala Team

If your company has taken its first step in revolutionizing your retail displays with a digital signage, then your one step closer to maximising its potential in helping you grow your business. Another overlooked but important aspect of digital signages is what content is displayed on it and how this can impact boosting your brand for better brand awareness and profitability.
Digital Signage Content Design
Most of today’s marketing teams are often overloaded with their daily tasks and may overlook the importance of high-impact digital signage content and that is why the best way to resolve this concern which will bring more profitability to your brand is to get professional creative services for digital signage or content creation services who have the right eye and experience with digital signage displays.

In this blog, you will learn how outsourcing professional creative services for digital signages can help you grow your business even faster, and what a creative services agency can help you accomplish:

These include:

• Conceptual Development: A brand is just a static idea unless there is a governing concept or, better yet, a story behind it. Coming up with a concept for a brand campaign is the first step towards improved brand recall, but that can prove challenging for individual companies without the assistance of creatives or the presence of a creative arm. The concept is meant to be a compelling story that draws in viewers, converts them into paying customers or clients, and ensures a brand’s visibility.

• Content Adaptation, Creation, and Management: Once both the brand and the creative team have agreed on the basic concept, it is now adapted into different forms of viewable content. Aside from static ads consisting of visuals and text, content also refers to catchphrases and taglines, potentially viral materials such as choreography and quirky memes, photography as well as videography, and even the creation of theme songs or jingles. But the process does not end there: once content has been prepared and approved, its deployment needs to be considered. For this, creative content for digital signage comes into play, and refers to the placement and scheduling of materials’ release via channels like large-format digital billboards, digital banners in public places, and even LED transit ads.

• Artwork and 3D Rendering: While photography and videography provide enough visuals when it comes to brand promotion, another creative process necessary to boost brand awareness with digital signages or brand building, is the development of related artwork. These could take the form of a logo, line art or renderings for infographic presentations, and even brand or product mascots to appeal to younger markets. If a brand or retailer requires a more dynamic approach, logos may be rendered in 3D to give them a more approachable and realistic nuance. Mascots and similar characters may also be rendered for use in animated shorts that can be aired via different DOOH solutions.

• UI/UX Development: Interactivity is the name of the game, particularly in 21st century retail. Ads may be visually appealing, but the addition of a user experience via a touch-driven or gesture-driven interface goes a long way. UI and UX designers are the best help in this case. From relatively simple user interface options like the inclusion of scannable QR codes leading to promotional sites or brand sites to more elaborate high-impact digital signage content or digital displays that allow users to learn more about the brand, avail of discounts through retailer membership, and even play games that could enable them to win prizes.

While developing a viable brand concept and a subsequent campaign pose challenges, availing of a professional creative services for digital signage takes much of the stress off a company’s back and enables them to focus on building their success.

In which case, getting a creative partner to help you create visually engaging designs like Scala Creative Services would be a great help. Offering a diverse range of both professional creative services for digital signage solutions and digital signage options, Scala will help you get your show on the road and well on the way to building a great brand.

About the Author:

Scala Asia-Pacific’s Creative Solutions team are experts in taking digital signage to the next level with creative and engaging content and design solutions. They are the masters of bridging creative imagination with technology and intuitive digital signage and UI/UX design. They share tips and creative insights to optimise your digital signage and maximise results.

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