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5 Tips to Get Ahead This Christmas with Digital Signage

by Scala Team

5 Tips to Get Ahead This Christmas with Digital Signage

by Scala Team

The Christmas season is just around the corner! During this festive season, Asian shoppers are expected to dramatically increase their spending, begin purchasing earlier, and combine online product research with brick-and-mortar purchases, requiring marketers to adjust their campaigns accordingly.

According to new research from MiQ Asia Pacific, six out of ten shoppers in India, China, and Southeast Asia are anticipating higher holiday spending in 2022. This holiday season is an opportune time for business owners to attract more customers, boost sales, and scale their business.

What strategies should business owners adopt to stand out from the crowd and gain maximum visibility for their business? Bring in: Christmas digital signage.

Christmas Digital Signage
The following tips will help you get started with digital signage this Christmas:

1. Increase visibility

Research by A.T. Kearney indicates that “40 percent of consumers spend more money than they had planned in stores, while only 25 percent reported online impulse shopping.” This shows that brick-and-mortar stores have more control over customers’ shopping experiences compared with e-tailers.

Attract attention and increase footfall with retail digital signage such as window displays and video walls. Showcase the latest Christmas collection or feature the hottest deals! Get more eyeballs to your display with eye-catching videos and engaging content that inform and entertain.

2. Plan Ahead

Launching a new seasonal collection? An important new year announcement? Plan and schedule your digital signage content to automatically publish and update over the Christmas holiday period. With centralised content management, you can distribute and manage unique content across different locations seamlessly.

3. Make your content merry and bright

Create ambience with Christmas-inspired images and enhance the customer experience in your retail store, restaurant or facility with attractive festive digital signage. Spread some festive cheer by running a Christmas poll or competition, or design eye-catching festive content to wish your customers a Merry Christmas. Our video below shows how easy it is with Scala Designer.

YouTube video

4. Redefine the in-store customer experience

Blend the best of physical and digital by introducing phygital solutions for your retail store, such as Smart Fitting Room and Shelf Edge Displays. Create a memorable customer journey, promote personalisation and increase customer satisfaction.

  • Smart Fitting Room

    Scala’s Smart Fitting Room provides a digital touchpoint in the fitting room for shoppers to request assistance while trying on items. Each fitting room is equipped with a device that allows them to alert staff, who receive an instant on-screen and audio notification. Smart Fitting Rooms can also be equipped with interactive digital screens or tablets from Scala that integrate with the store’s inventory app. This allows customers to request items to be delivered to the fitting room, as well as explore styling suggestions, view lookbooks and delve further into the store’s selection of products.

  • Digital Shelf Edge Displays

    Digital Shelf Edge Displays help retailers deliver powerful in-aisle shopping experiences and capture customers at the point of purchase by delivering relevant messaging and product and price information in-aisle. Customers benefit from the convenience of up-to-date, real-time pricing information and relevant messaging to assist with their purchase decisions.

5. Encourage product discovery

Encourage product discovery and increase interactivity with solutions such as Lift & Learn/Place & Learn. Enable customers to feel the product and explore its features and benefits.

With Lift & Learn and Place & Learn, a product is either lifted from a shelf or placed on a specially designed platform equipped with sensors. This movement triggers a nearby digital screen to display product details. Customers can lift/place different branded items to compare features, price and other details to assist with their purchase decision.

Scala’s Touch & Tell or ‘smart mannequin’ solution, on the other hand, is specifically designed for clothing. Fabric sensors are embedded in the mannequin’s clothing; touching them triggers a nearby screen to display more information about the item.

Get the best digital signage solution for your business this Christmas

80% of brands have experienced an increase of up to 33% in additional sales by using digital signage.

Don’t miss out! Scala brings over 30 years of experience in helping brands scale their business with smart digital signage and marketing technologies.

Leverage Scala’s retail digital signage solutions to transform your store and enhance the customer in-store journey. Enjoy more sales, boost revenue, and keep your customers happy.

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