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Transform banking with innovative bank digital signage solutions

Transform banking with innovative bank digital signage solutions

Digital Signage Solutions for Banks and Financial Institutions

Digital Signage Solutions for Banks and Financial Institutions

“Scala digital signage has the power to transform customer service and improve operations for banks and financial institutions. Boost your brand image and improve engagement with digital signage solutions for banks.

Scala delivers digital signage solutions for thousands of displays in banks worldwide, helping them to improve the in-branch experience and attract and retain loyal customers.”

Key Use Cases

Brand Storytelling

Deliver fully branded banking experiences in your branch with digital welcome messages, corporate content and more on videowalls and digital displays.

Banking Self-Service

Reduce queues and enable customers to carry out banking tasks independently without in-branch teller assistance.

Customer Education

Educate customers about everyday banking procedures by displaying simple video tutorials, useful facts and up-to-date finance tips on digital displays.

Operational Savings

Lower operating and staffing costs while extending hours and services with self-service kiosks and interactive displays.

Smart Queue Management

Optimise bank operations and improve service efficiency by informing customers of their queue position and displaying queue numbers.

Product and Service Promotion

Promote finance products and services and display reviews and other advertising with bank digital screens, tablets and kiosks.

Digital Signage Solutions for Banks

Scala’s innovative digital signage solutions for banking help banks and financial institutions enhance the in-branch customer experience, improve customer engagement and streamline their operations.

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Why Scala for Banking & Finance


Stable and Reliable

Enjoy 100% reliability and stable performance 7 days per week with the robust and reliable Scala Enterprise digital signage platform.


Create a Pleasant Banking Experience

Scala’s digital solutions help boost customer loyalty and enhance your brand while improving convenience and customer service.


Update Information Easily

Publish and manage new content in real-time through remote management of your screens from any location.


Flexible and Scalable

Scale your bank digital signage as your network grows and create custom digital experiences across all branches.


Smart Content Management

Easily manage your bank’s digital signage content with Scala Content Manager, with features such as smart playlists, scheduling, permission-based roles and custom triggers.


Infinitely Customisable

Customising your digital signage content is made easy with web-based design tools and intuitive design features.

Engaging Branded Content for Banks and Financial Institutions Made Easy

Scala Designer makes content creation a breeze with its intuitive interface, design versatility and live rendering. Easily combine text, images, graphics, video and animation for the ultimate engaging content.

Digital Signage for Banks and Financial Institutions in India

“CXM = The art and science of coaxing lifetime loyalty from daily transactions.”

– Steve Curtin

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