Transform the Passenger Experience with Digital Signage

Transform the Passenger Experience with Digital Signage

Digital Signage for Airports & Transportation Hubs

Digital Signage for Airports & Transportation Hubs

Scala’s cutting-edge digital signage solutions for transportation enhance passenger experiences with real-time information and engaging content. Our flexible and scalable platform delivers customised digital displays that inform, guide and entertain passengers, making their journeys seamless and enjoyable. From arrival and departure information to emergency alerts and infotainment, our transportation digital signage solutions improve satisfaction, increase engagement and drive revenue.

Key Use Cases

Provide Real-Time Schedules and Transport Updates

Deliver real-time and scheduled transport updates, ensuring passengers are always informed and on-time.

Display Local Information

Provide weather updates, news, and promote local attractions on passenger information displays in airport lounges and transport hubs.

Digital Wayfinding

Display interactive maps, step-by-step directions and useful information to guide passengers through airports and transport hubs.

Deliver Emergency Alerts

Enhance passenger safety by displaying alerts, evacuation procedures and other important information during emergencies.

Passenger Information Display System (PIDS)

Show timetables, route details, alerts and more with digital passenger displays for metro and bus stations and other transport hubs.

Flight Information Display System (FIDS) for Airports

Display arrival, departure and gate information in real-time, along with alerts about delays, cancellations and other important information.

Transportation Solutions

Scala’s cutting-edge transportation signage solutions are designed to enhance passenger experiences, boost satisfaction and engagement, and increase revenue.

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Why Scala for Transportation


Stable and Reliable

The stable, reliable performance of the Scala Enterprise system ensures your transportation digital signage runs without interruption.



Intuitive, user-friendly tools make it easy for you to manage your digital signage, from content creation, playlists and scheduling to publishing your content across your entire transport signage network.


Flexible and Scalable

Customise every element of your digital signage easily, and scale your solution as your transportation digital signage network changes and grows.


Smart Content Management

Scala Content Manager offers smart, intuitive content management, with smart playlists, scheduling tools, permission-based roles and customisable triggers.


Infinitely Customisable

Easily craft engaging and informative digital signage content for transport hubs with Scala Designer.


Design Versatility

Easily adapt content for landscape, vertical or video wall displays with auto-rotation and autoscaling.

Digital Signage Content for Airports and Transportation Hubs Made Easy

Creating content is simple with Scala Designer due to its intuitive interface, versatility in design, and live rendering capabilities. Effortlessly merge text, images, graphics, videos, and animation to create engaging content.

Digital Signage for Airports & Transportation Hubs Solutions

“A developed country isn’t a place where the poor have cars. It’s where the rich use public transportation.”

– Gustavo Petro

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