Scala SaaS

Digital Signage Software-as-a-Service

Scala SaaS

Cloud-based digital signage solution in

Cloud-based digital signage solution in India

Scala Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is a cloud-based digital signage solution that takes the hassle out of launching and managing a digital signage network. Through a subscription, users can access the complete suite of Scala Content Manager tools in this affordable and manageable approach to digital signage. Drive powerful digital marketing for your business while reducing cost and complexity. Building on Scala SaaS, Scala also offers digital signage as a managed service with Scala m-SaaS (managed Software-as-a-Service). Scala m-SaaS provides content and creative support along with access to the suite of Scala digital signage tools.


How It Works

Digital Signage Software-as-a-Service SaaS in India

Key Benefits

Lower Upfront cost

Subscription-based or pay-per-use model reduces initial costs associated with the development, installation and maintenance of software.

Hassle-free deployment

Set-up and licences are provided by Scala for instantaneous deployment.

Scalable solution

Suitable for businesses of any size.

Access anytime, anywhere

Manage content and other aspects of your digital signage anytime, anywhere through a web browser.

Accelerated feature delivery

Gain access to new features and updated versions automatically.

User-friendly interface

User-friendly dashboard provides easy management.

SaaS vs. m-SaaS
Select the right subscription model for your business

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