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Elevate Your Customer Experience with Dynamic Digital Signage

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Welcome to the world of smart digital signage solutions, transforming the way businesses in India engage with their customers. With innovation at the forefront, Scala Digital Signage is a global industry leader with over 30 years of experience providing digital signage solutions to global brands. From interactive kiosks and video walls to digital wayfinding, digital menu boards and more, Scala caters to a wide range of verticals including retail, quick service restaurants (QSR), banking and finance, education, and hospitality. Discover why Scala is the best digital signage solution in India and the perfect solution for businesses of all sizes.

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Video Walls

Scala video walls deliver superior, high quality visuals, making them the perfect digital signage solution to engage customers and create immersive brand experiences. These high-impact displays help brands drive sales and brand engagement, and centralised content management makes it easy to schedule and update content in real-time.
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Digital Menu Board

Scala digital menu boards transform quick service restaurants into modern dining experiences with eye-catching visuals and videos. Drive sales and streamline ordering by integrating with queue management, self-ordering kiosks, and point-of-sale systems. Upgrade your restaurant with Scala to create a seamless customer experience.


Scala digital wayfinding provides seamless navigation, clear directions and a convenient way for users to navigate airports, hospitals, shopping malls and more.

Self Checkout Kiosks

Scala Self Checkout Kiosk enhances operational efficiency for retailers and provides seamless shopping experience for customers. With its intuitive interface, it allows customers to scan and pay for their items independently, eliminating the traditional manned checkout lines and enhance the overall shopping experience.

3D Design and Immersive Technology

Bring campaigns to life and create immersive customer experiences with Scala’s innovative 3D design services. From high-impact advertising campaigns for 3D digital billboards to eye-catching holographic displays, interactive artworks and engaging 3D displays, our team can help you craft the perfect immersive environment for maximum customer engagement.
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Smart Fitting Room

Scala Smart Fitting Room provides customers with the ultimate retail experience. At the touch of a button, customers can request assistance and staff are notified through an on-screen and audio alert, saving time and improving shopping convenience.
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Scala Smart Product Finder

Scala Product Finder offers personalised recommendations based on customer inputs, enhancing product discovery and making shopping more interactive while helping customers find products faster.
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Flight Information Display System

Scala FIDS delivers real-time flight updates for seamless passenger travel and improved operational efficiency. With multilanguage support and powerful master systems integration, Scala FIDS increases customer satisfaction by providing better flight experiences.
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Passenger Information Display System

Scala Passenger Information Display System (PIDS) offers real-time travel information, keeping passengers updated about bus schedules, train delays and other essential information. With multi-language support, the system not only improves customer experience but also enhances the overall transport network by increasing efficiency and reducing operational costs.
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LINQ Smart Shelf

LINQ Smart Shelf transforms retail shopping, offering a modern in-aisle experience with clear digital displays for product information, programmable multimedia content and targeted advertising to drive sales and enhance customer engagement.
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Queue Management System

Scala QMS improves queue management by organising and prioritising customer service and keeping customers informed about their position in line. Scala QMS helps reduce perceived wait times, enhancing the customer experience and satisfaction.
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LINQ Tablets

Scala LINQ tablets provide benefits for commercial usage across multiple industries. They can be used for many fixed applications such as point of sale, product discovery, self-service, wayfinding and more, providing an improved and streamlined digital customer experience.
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Digital Standee

Scala Digital Standee is designed for retailers to create modern, clutter-free store entrances and boost foot traffic. Eye-catching digital displays showcase store promotions and interactive content, attracting the attention of passers-by and increasing footfall.
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Smart Pickup

Scala LINQ Smart Pickup for restaurants enables contactless pickup so customers can safely collect their food orders. Improved order accuracy saves time and minimises mistakes, while the integration with customer and store data creates a personalised and efficient experience.
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Virtual Helpdesk

Scala Virtual Helpdesk is an invaluable asset for airports seeking to enhance the passenger experience. Offering 24/7 virtual assistance, passengers can access live video calls with customer service representatives to receive personalised and efficient assistance. Travelers can request assistance and arrange for porter services for a more accessible and convenient airport experience.
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Meeting Room Manager

Scala Meeting Room Manager makes it easy to book meeting rooms and office spaces, streamlining room bookings and optimising use of office space. With this innovative solution companies can gain valuable insights into office usage patterns, allowing them to make more informed decisions regarding their office needs.
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Walkbase TREQ

Walkbase TREQ offers valuable in-store analytics that helps retailers understand their customers and optimise the customer journey. Businesses can access detailed customer analytics and customer journey insights to gain a better understanding of customer behaviour, preferences and needs. Retailers can use this data to improve their operations and customer experience by enhancing store layout and product placement.

Place & Learn

Scala Place & Learn offers deep product discovery and an interactive retail experience. Customers simply place items on a platform, triggering detailed information to be displayed on a digital screen. This allows businesses to showcase their products in an innovative and dynamic way, increasing sales and customer satisfaction.
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Lift & Learn

Scala Lift & Learn transforms the customer’s shopping experience, enabling product discovery and helping customers make purchase decisions. Items are lifted from the shelf, which in turn triggers product information on a nearby digital display. With Scala Lift & Learn, shoppers can explore product features, prices, and benefits.
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Touch & Tell

Scala Touch & Tell Smart Mannequin provides a high-touch immersive experience for interactive retail. The mannequin uses embedded fabric sensors, which allow customers to interact with it and discover products. These sensors trigger a nearby digital display that provides customers with detailed product information.

Feedback System

Scala Digital Feedback System offers businesses a convenient and efficient way to capture customer feedback and gain valuable insights about their experiences. This system allows for real-time analytics, providing companies with actionable data to improve their customer service and enhance the overall customer experience. Interactive kiosks and touchscreens make the feedback process engaging and interactive for customers, encouraging them to share their thoughts and opinions with ease.

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