Corporate Communications

Evolve Your Workplace with Smart Digital Signage

Corporate Communications

Digital Signage Solutions for DOOH Advertising

Corporate Digital Signage Solutions

Scala digital signage solutions offer a stable, easy-to-use platform for businesses to streamline communications and create connected workplaces. Communicate important information, improve employee engagement and tell your brand story with smart digital signage for corporate communications.

Key Use Cases

Employee and Visitor Sign-In

Interactive kiosks make the sign-in process for employees and visitors more efficient, easing the workload for busy reception staff and improving building security.

Digital Wayfinding

Make navigating large corporate complexes easy with wayfinding apps and building directories, delivered via touchscreen kiosks, tablets and interactive digital signs.

Internal Communications

Highlight company achievements, advertise events and training sessions, share updates, and broadcast emergency alerts.

Corporate Brand Storytelling

Deliver a great first brand impression with attractive welcome messages and branded content.

Employee Engagement

Engage employees and enhance workplace connection with corporate digital displays like lobby video walls and conference room signs.

Meeting and Event Schedules

Keep employees and visitors informed by showing meeting and event times and locations.

Corporate Digital Signage Solutions

Scala provides top-tier digital signage solutions for businesses, aimed at fostering connected workplaces, boosting employee engagement, and amplifying brand image.

Why Scala for Corporate Communication


Stable and Reliable

The Scala Enterprise digital signage platform offers around-the-clock reliable performance, ensuring your outdoor advertising campaigns are always reaching your target audiences.


Deliver a Positive Brand Experience

Scala’s digital solutions help create positive employee and brand experiences.


Update Information Easily

Update and manage digital signage content in real-time remotely, including schedules, corporate updates, weather, news, and more, across various locations and time zones.


Flexible and Scalable

The Scala digital signage software is adaptable and scalable, enabling full customisation of your digital experience, no matter the project size or scope.


Smart Content Management

Scala Player digital signage software offers advanced features like smart playlists, scheduling, permission-based roles, and triggers.


Infinitely Customisable

Craft engaging digital signage content effortlessly with Scala’s robust online design tool. Easily uphold brand consistency with custom colors, images, fonts, and styles.

Easily Craft Engaging Content

Scala Designer simplifies content creation with its user-friendly interface, versatile design capabilities, and real-time rendering. Effortlessly mix text, images, graphics, videos, and animations for engaging content.

Corporate Digital Signage Solutions for Smart Workplaces in India

“Digital transformation is not about technology at all. It’s about people.”

-Josh Bersin

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