Scala Designer Cloud

The ultimate web-based design tool

Scala Designer Cloud

The ultimate web-based design tool

Scala Designer Cloud is a web-based design tool native to Scala Enterprise 12, designed for creating compelling and engaging digital signage content. Users can design content and then publish projects via Saas-based Content Manager with easy scheduling and playback on Linux and Windows Scala Media Players.

Targeted at beginner to intermediate content creators, Scala Designer Cloud is the perfect easy-to-use web-based tool for creating, previewing and publishing digital signage content.

Scala Digital Signage Feature



Simple layout creation – Fast, intuitive design tool.


Drag and Drop

Drag and drop – Fully web based, easy to use.



Template driven – Maintain brand integrity.


Widgets and Vectors

Reusable widgets and vectors – Customizable components.


Shareable preview

Shareable preview – Instant review of designs.


Content Publishing

Integrated with Scala Content Manager for seamless deployment.

Scala Designer Cloud - The Ultimate Web-Based Design Tool in India

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