Automotive Digital Signage Drives Showroom Sales

by Scala Team

Automotive Digital Signage Drives Showroom Sales

by Scala Team

Automotive Industry Landscape Post Pandemic

Southeast Asia is a huge potential market for the automotive industry, with approximately 2.45 million units sold in 2020.

Car owners have continued to power a growth trend through the pandemic, due to an increasing preference to commute via personal vehicle. Today, 52% of overall Southeast Asian consumers prefer to drive, up from 37% pre-pandemic.

Car Showrooms Adopt Automotive Digital Signage

Consumer demands are constantly evolving, and modern consumers are looking for a personalised and seamless experience in their car purchases. With a heightened demand for car purchases and a shift in consumer demands, car showrooms are looking towards new technologies and automotive digital signage to elevate the customer experience and boost sales. Automotive dealers are increasingly using digital signage for showrooms to effectively interact and engage with customers while following safety protocols.

Maruti Suzuki India Executive Director Shashank Srivastava said, “Digitalisation is the way forward. Given the unprecedented times, we have adopted a ‘Phygital’ approach for our sales initiatives at the dealerships. We have digitised 24 out of the 26 touchpoints involved in a car-purchase journey, except the test drive and delivery.”

We have digitised 24 out of the 26 touchpoints involved in a car-purchase journey, except the test drive and delivery.

An Ernst & Young (EY) report , ‘The Invisible Car Salesman’, stated that “there is a segment of consumers who prefer ‘contactless’ digital touchpoints in their purchase journey and an integrated ‘phygital’ platform with a digitally enabled agile sales force will become a critical criterion for consumer satisfaction and sales conversion.”

How Automotive Digital Signage Transforms the Car Showroom

  • Create a memorable experience: Showroom digital signage strategically placed at the entrance help to welcome customers with vivid visuals and video. They can also display brand milestones, history and values to further engage customers and strengthen brand building.
  • High impact visual showcase: Stunning video walls are deployed to showcase larger than life images of the cars. Such visuals add a wow factor that increases excitement and desire to purchase a vehicle.
  • Seamless and Interactive Customer Experience: Interactive kiosks provide a personalised experience for customers to obtain their desired information about car features and prices. Added kiosk features enable interested customers to raise queries, leave their contact details and even pre-book a car.
  • Reduce Perceived Times: Automotive digital signage in the waiting areas showing a healthy mix of brand/product commercials, auto trivia, reviews and feedback, and other entertainment videos greatly reduces perceived waiting times.
  • Educate Customers: Digital screens featuring financing options, car reviews and comparisons help customers make more informed decisions and accelerate decision making.
  • Effective Employee Communication: Automotive digital signage act as an excellent medium for employee communication by displaying key corporate updates and congratulatory messages to star performers.

Scala Digital Signage Accelerates Car Showroom Transformation

Scala is the leader in automotive digital signage technology and is the perfect partner for automobile companies who want to educate, inform and entertain their customers through a modernized experience. Scala digital signage accelerates digital transformation at car showrooms.

Kia Motors Russia (KMR), one of the most promising automotive brands today, uses Scala’s digital signage at all its dealership stores to revolutionise the car showroom experience. They use an effective mix of multiscreen standalone displays, video walls, and interactive kiosks to drive marketing communication, and Scala Content Manager and Designer to develop eye-catching content.

Scala provides effective and reliable digital signage solutions for car showrooms. Find out how to deliver an impactful showroom and dealership experience today.

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