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Creative Content Ideas for
University Digital Signage

by Jasdeep Kohli

Changing Landscape of the Education Industry

The education industry in India has evolved significantly in the last few years. From adopting new technology to exploring novel teaching methods, the education industry has experienced a huge transformation. This evolution has largely been a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, which impacted 91% of the world’s student population.

As the world learns to live with COVID-19, universities have reopened and are rethinking their learning and teaching methods to better help students develop a broad range of competencies and skills in and out of school. In addition, there is a critical need to ensure that the education environment is safe, healthy, inclusive and supportive.

Since 2019, 65% of teachers have been using digital learning tools in their classroom every day while 89% of students reported using digital learning tools at least a few days a week in class.

Universities Utilise Education Digital Signage

Education digital signage has emerged as the most popular tool used by universities to enhance student learning and communication. Up to 70% of today’s colleges use digital signage systems. The global digital signage market size was valued at $17.23 billion in 2018 and is projected to reach $32.12 billion by 2026, growing at a CAGR of 8.1% from 2019 to 2026.

For example, the University of Mysore (UoM) has implemented an integrated campus wide digital signage communication system to improve efficacy and ensure quick message delivery to students, staff and visitors. Five digital notice boards were set up at the UoM’s entrances and key areas to deliver important messages and publicise school events.

Creative Content Ideas for University Digital Signage

Digital signage is a cost-effective and efficient channel for schools and universities to ensure seamless communication with staff, students and visitors. IT and school administrators can easily display eye-catching messages such as festive greetings, event schedules and announcements on any digital signage across multiple campus locations with just a few clicks. Creative content and vivid imagery would surely capture more attention and better engage students compared to traditional paper notices.

Unsure of what content to include for your university digital signage? Here’s a list of content ideas to consider.

  • Create a social media wall – Enliven the atmosphere with a stunning social wall and keep the university community updated on what you have already shared on your social media channels. Bundle and collect content from specific social media accounts, hashtags, RSS feeds, or even directly upload content to the wall.
  • Curate a digital notice board – Reach a wide audience and attract attention effortlessly with digital notice boards showcasing creative content and beautiful imagery. Publicise upcoming campus events, advertise education training courses and display important notices. Remind students about health and safety protocols.
  • Recognise students’ creativity & innovation – Build confidence and recognise student creativity like artwork, science models, thesis paper etc on digital notice boards. Engage students by allowing them to vote for their favourite creative work.
  • Display building directory – List all the departments and rooms in a building, group them by floors and update everything on the fly, to ensure that students and visitors are always directed to their desired location. Increase interactivity and personalisation by introducing a touchscreen and digital wayfinding. Embed a QR code to enable students and visitors to view floor directories and walking routes on their mobile devices.
  • Bring menus to life with digital menu boards – Utilise digital signs as digital menu boards and promote campus café menu items. Easily update new items and promotions. Display nutritional value and allergen information. Schedule content to show breakfast, lunch and dinner menus too, and even integrate a social media feed.
  • Manage room bookings seamlessly – Digital signage makes room bookings seamless and easy. Show meeting schedules in advance and manage timings remotely by updating content in real-time, or scheduling content in advance. Include a countdown timer to the next meeting to and remind students when they need to vacate the room.
  • Stream live events – With social distancing being the new normal, streaming live events like convocation ceremonies, sports events, debate competitions and more on large digital screens across campus enables more students to participate remotely, increases engagement and fosters a united school spirit.

Explore Scala’s Digital Signage Solutions for Education

An increasing number of schools and universities are recognising the power of education digital signage in delivering unified and seamless communication and enhancing the student experience.

Scala has enabled the digital transformation of many renowned schools and universities worldwide and helped them to improve campus communication. Find out more about Scala’s digital signage solutions for education.

About the Author:

Jasdeep Kohli, Vice President Marketing – APAC at STRATACACHE/SCALA, leads the spectrum of marketing initiatives across the Asia-Pacific region, which include, product marketing, brand, events, business planning, communications and market research. With extensive cross-disciplinary expertise in marketing, branding and management, he has been a key driver in raising the brand visibility and elevating the market leadership of STRATACACHE & SCALA in APAC. His passion for retail marketing and customer experience drives him to develop innovative and customer-focused approaches to business opportunities.

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