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Digital Signage: A New Way to Experience
the Cinema

by Scala Team

Movies are a popular hobby and leisure activity for many people. Movie goers make regular trips to the cinema to enjoy more than just the feature film – they seek to relish a one-of-a-kind experience that cannot be replicated in the comfort of their homes even with on-demand convenience brought about by Netflix or Amazon Prime.

In 2021, the global box office hit US$21.4 billion, with Asia-Pacific accounting for US$11.3 billion. The Indian film industry registered the most ticket sales globally and is the 3rd largest with regard to revenue. According to estimates, India’s film market size was about 183 billion Indian rupees in FY2020, and is projected to increase to 260 billion Indian rupees by FY2024.

Today, the proliferation of advanced digital technologies and the changing demands of movie goers have motivated cinema operators to re-design the cinema environment and re-think the experience.

Create An Entralling Cinema Experience

To make the cinema experience a true adventure, it is crucial to deliver the best possible experience at every touchpoint.

Entertainment digital signage facilitates the creation of an engaging and immersive environment through interactive features, such as social media campaigns, touch screen activities and mobile integration. Digital signage for cinemas also allows cinema operators to manage and update screen content easily and in real-time, across locations.

Here are several unique ways cinema operators are utilising entertainment digital signage to enhance the cinema visit for their guests.

Welcome and inform

Deliver personalised welcome messages on entrance digital standees to make guests feel special. Help movie goers make more informed choices by displaying important information such as movie schedules, age ratings and reviews on entrance digital signage.

Attract and entice

Screen the latest movie trailers on large entrance video walls to attract attention and generate interest. Alternatively, create an additional revenue stream by utilising video walls as advertising platforms

Offer self-service ticketing and dynamic wayfinding

Deploy interactive digital kiosks to feature movie synopsis and cast details; enable guests to purchase tickets and select seating to minimise queues. In addition, feature wayfinding applications to help movie goers navigate their way around large cineplexes.

Feature nutritional information

Display nutritional and allergen information of food and beverage items on digital menu boards and help movie goers make healthier choices. Increase purchase sizes by cross-selling and upselling related items.

Promote new facilities

Ensure that guests are aware of upgrades such as new lounge and recliner seating, cinema restaurant and new 3D screens by featuring these facilities on lobby area digital signage.

Entertain and reduce perceived wait times

Share customer service announcements, company news and infotainment on lobby area digital screens to entertain movie goers while they wait for their show to begin.

Leading Cinema Chains Leverage Scala Entertainment Digital Signage

Cinemas across the globe trust Scala to augment the cinema experience and drive high-impact communication.

For example, leading Russian cinema chain Formula Kino which boasts 264 movie theatres over 35 locations across three Russian time zones rolled out extensive Scala-supported digital signage across new locations to modernise and streamline its on-location customer communications.

Separately, Los Angeles Entertainment Complex spotlighted the United States Women’s National Football Team on a 20-screen, seven-player set up throughout the entertainment complex by displaying full-motion high-definition (HD) videos of the team practicing both day and night, and in different weather conditions.

Partner with Scala and Transform Your Cinema

Scala offers user-friendly, reliable and flexible digital signage for cinemas. Scala makes it easy to attract audiences, increase engagement and drive revenue.

Find out more about Scala entertainment digital signage and kickstart your cinema transformation journey today.

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