Digital Signage Boosts Grocery Sales – Vlog

by Scala Team

Digital Signage Boosts Grocery Sales – Vlog

by Scala Team

The Evolving Grocery Landscape

The Asia-Pacific grocery retail market registered a total revenue of US$5,234.3 billion in 2020 and is expected to hit US$7,177.49 billion by 2025, with a CAGR exceeding 6.5% between 2020-2026.

With vaccinations well underway and the reopening of economies across APAC, there is a steady return to normalcy and an increased comfort with in-store shopping. Today, grocery retailers across APAC are enthusiastic for a return to in-store shopping. They are embracing new technologies, rethinking store designs, and developing innovative ways to increase shopper engagement and drive revenue.

How do grocery stores deliver a safe and seamless experience for customers in the new normal? In what ways can grocery retailers leverage digital technologies to increase footfall and revenue?

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Digital Signage Creates an Engaging Shopping Experience

Deploying digital displays in strategic locations throughout a grocery store can help to create a compelling shopping experience that engages shoppers and influences their purchase behavior.

Statistics show that digital signage for grocery stores helps to boost sales by attracting shoppers with beautiful imagery and videos. A study conducted by Stockholm School of Economics on the impact of digital displays in hypermarkets revealed that sales experienced an immediate 17% bounce after the displays were installed.

As such, many grocers have shifted from using static promotional signs to remotely managed digital signage for their grocery stores. 94% of retailers use or have used digital signage to augment, change, or improve in-store customer experiences.

Scala powers Carrefour’s digital signage network in Belgium

The second largest retailer in the world, Carrefour Group, modernized its Belgium stores to enhance its in-store communications with digital signage. Scala digital signage was deployed across 25 Belgium Carrefour stores, including portrait screens at the entrance and landscape screens at the fresh-department and payment terminals. The entire in-store digital signage network of Carrefour market across Belgium runs on the Scala Enterprise suite of products. Thanks to the flexibility of the Scala software, the new queuing system has been fully integrated into the retailer’s digital signage system and screens. This allows Carrefour to run promotions alongside serial numbers on the exact same screens that customers will be watching for their turn in the queue.

Transform your Grocery Store with Scala today

Scala’s marketing technology and grocery digital signage can help to revamp and distinguish your grocery store. By implementing the latest in interactive digital signage, grocery stores can engage with customers in new ways, and offer conveniences, such as touch-screen kiosks, informative digital menu boards and self-checkout. Scala also offers intelligent in-store analytics to help grocery stores personalise customer visits, improve store operations, and gain deeper insight into buying patterns that arm the grocery store operator with predictive intelligence.

Watch the above video to discover the benefits of using grocery digital signage to optimise the in-store experience, increase customer engagement and boost revenue. Kickstart your customer experience transformation with Scala today.

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