Digital Signage Powers Transportation Hubs

by Scala Team

Digital Signage Powers Transportation Hubs

by Scala Team

Modern transportation hubs are the linchpin of an efficient transport system. They interconnect multiple modes of transport, cater to seamless mobility and offer transit-based activities including dining, shopping and entertainment opportunities.

Digital signage solutions play a major role in redefining the passenger experience at transportation hubs and when incorporated effectively, help to transform public spaces and elevate the passenger experience.

Digital signage for transportation serves more than just passengers. They offer multifaceted advantages and benefit diverse stakeholders in the community.

In this blog, we discuss how digital signage shapes modern transportation hubs and review their key benefits.

Digital Signage Transforms Modern Transportation Hubs

Convey Real-time Transit Information

Digital signage for transportation conveys important transit information effectively and efficiently. Digital screens that display real-time schedules of arrival and departure times, and notifications of delays keep passengers informed and help them to plan their journey better.

Offer Wayfinding Information

Another important role of digital signage in transportation hubs is to provide vital wayfinding information and assist passengers in navigating their way around large transportation hubs. Wayfinding kiosks can feature location information, digital directories, and maps to inform passengers about nearby amenities and help direct them to their desired destination.

Display Emergency Messages

During emergencies, digital signage in transportation hubs proves to be very helpful. Digital screens can display new content instantly so large crowds are informed of emergencies or security threats. The screens can also highlight important messages like lost and found valuables, lost children, security messages and precautions for the passengers.

Effective Advertising Channel

Connected, dynamic signage allows for increased delivery of real-time advertising inventory. Programmatic advertising can be used for a network or on individual signs to fill ad space more creatively.

Digital signage in transportation hubs enables brands to reach a large, captive audience and maximise return on investment. For example, screens placed in waiting areas, corridors, platform areas and washrooms can be used to display branded content and feature promotions.

Benefits of Digital Signage in Transportation Hubs

Key benefits of digital signage in transportation hubs are:

Update Information Instantly

Digital signage has the unique ability to garner more attention than traditional signage with the use of attractive visuals and videos. A centralised content management system enables information to be updated instantly and remotely and allows screen content to be scheduled in advance to ensure that the right content is shown across different locations.

Enhance the Passenger Experience

The use of public transportation signage enriches the traveling experience by reducing everyday stressors such as long queues and large crowds. Digital screens at entrances can feature welcome messages while walkway signage can show festive imagery to enliven the ambience. In addition, video walls can be used to display sports, movies and other infotainment to entertain waiting passengers.

Reduce Workload of Employees

Digital signage for transportation reduces employee workload by automating a major part of the daily responsibilities of the employees. Programming public transformation digital signs can be easily completed in a few clicks, hence increasing efficiency.

Increase Revenue

Digital displays in transportation hubs offer an ideal advertising channel and provide another revenue stream for transportation companies. Advertisements can be easily managed and scheduled across multiple screens and locations.

Scala Offers Smart Transportation Digital Signage Solutions

Scala provides smart and reliable transportation digital signage solutions to deliver powerful passenger experiences.

Partner with Scala today and create an intelligent, cohesive digital communication network to increase passenger satisfaction.

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