Digital Wayfinding: An Essential Solution for Modern Malls

by Scala Team

Digital Wayfinding: An Essential Solution for Modern Malls

by Scala Team

As retail property owners throughout Asia continue to capitalise on the region’s growing middle class, malls are being transformed beyond mere shopping destinations into bustling lifestyle and entertainment hubs. Rising disposable incomes mean people are ready to shop, and many are choosing to spend their leisure time in malls. Further, despite the rise of online shopping, CBRE’s 2023 Asia Pacific Retail Flash Survey found that nearly half of the retailers in the region expect a portion of online spending to be shifted to physical retail in the near future. The same study found that 61% of shoppers in the Asia-Pacific region prefer to see products in-store before ordering online.
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With the Asia-Pacific region projected to account for 57% of global middle-class consumption by 2030, shopping malls in the region are expected to continue to attract even more visitors. However, with the rising class of mega-malls offering a seemingly endless selection of chain and specialty stores, dining outlets and entertainment options, navigating such large complexes can be a daunting task for customers. Some mega-malls in India, for example, are spread over millions of square feet and home to hundreds of brands.

Digital wayfinding for malls ensures a seamless shopping experience for customers, making it a must-have tool for modern malls in India.

How digital wayfinding transforms shopping experiences in malls

Digital wayfinding for shopping centres in India is revolutionising the shopping experience, transforming large and busy complexes into easy-to-navigate spaces. With the help of digital wayfinding kiosks and interactive wayfinding displays, shoppers can easily find specific stores and destinations within the mall and access step-by-step directions.

Here, we explore some of the benefits of digital wayfinding for malls.

Simplified navigation in busy malls and shopping centres

As one of the most populous nations in the world, India is known for its busy shopping marketplaces and crowded malls, especially in heavily populated urban centres. Digital wayfinding makes the process of navigating crowded, complex centres much easier, allowing visitors to easily identify the most direct routes to their shopping and leisure destinations through interactive maps, digital directories and augmented reality.

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Real-time store information

Digital wayfinding technology ensures that shoppers always have the most up-to-date store information at their fingertips.

Easy, cost-effective updates

Digital wayfinding systems are easily updated when stores open, close or relocate, making them a more cost-effective solution compared to traditional static signs and directories. This not only saves time and money but also improves customer satisfaction by eliminating outdated information.

Targeted advertising and promotions

Aside from making malls easy to navigate, digital wayfinding in shopping centres offers an opportunity to deliver targeted, relevant advertising and promotions to shoppers. By displaying relevant advertisements based on shopper preferences and interests, shopping centres can create a personalised and engaging experience, increasing customer engagement and driving sales.

Enhanced accessibility

Digital wayfinding provides an easy way to identify accessible routes for shoppers with disabilities, ensuring that everyone can navigate the shopping centre easily and independently.

Key features of effective digital wayfinding systems

Not all digital wayfinding systems are created equal. For the best results, the following features are considered essential in an effective digital wayfinding system for malls.

Interactive digital maps

Interactive digital maps are a fundamental feature of an effective digital wayfinding system. They provide a visual representation of the mall layout, allowing users to easily locate desired destinations. Shoppers should be able to zoom in and out, as well as pan across the map in order to see clearly defined routes.

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Digital store directories

Digital directories can be accessed through strategically-placed interactive kiosks around the mall, allowing users to search for specific stores or browse through categories. With a few simple taps, shoppers should be able to access detailed information about each store, such as opening hours, contact details, and even current sales and promotions.

Augmented reality features

Augmented reality is fast making its way into many facets of public life, and is increasingly being used to enhance digital wayfinding. Integration between wayfinding technology, digital image mapping and personal mobile devices makes it possible to display real-time directions using arrows, directions and distance markers to help people find their way around. Visitors can now start their navigation at the wayfinding kiosk and continue the journey on their mobile device thanks to AR technology.

User-friendly interface

Interactive wayfinding for shopping malls needs to be accessible and user-friendly to ensure a positive experience for all mall visitors. Effective UI design will ensure that even those with minimal technical knowledge can easily navigate the system.

Easy-to-use search function

Effective digital wayfinding should offer a simple, easy-to-use search function for effective navigation. Shoppers should be able to enter keywords, such as store names or product categories, to quickly find the desired information.

Centralised content management

A stable, reliable content management system is crucial for ensuring wayfinding information is up-to-date. Centralised content management ensures that updates are applied across all wayfinding kiosks and displays, so that all information remains accurate and up to date.

Scala: world-leading digital wayfinding for malls in India

Scala delivers comprehensive digital wayfinding solutions for a wide variety of industries. Scala digital wayfinding provides seamless navigation, clear directions and a convenient way for users to navigate airports, hospitals, shopping malls and more.

Get in touch today to discuss your mall digital wayfinding needs.

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