How Digital Signage is Transforming the College Campus

by Esther Chew

How Digital Signage is Transforming the College Campus

by Esther Chew

Today’s college students view digital learning technology as a key tool for achieving success. Even way back six years ago, studies showed that digitalisation played an integral role in learning. McGraw-Hill Education’s 2015-2016 Digital Study Trends in Higher Education Survey revealed that four out of five (81%) college students find digital learning technology to be helpful in improving their grades, and more than two-thirds (69%) feel that digital learning technology helps them to focus.

As a “digital generation,” college students are accustomed to accessing the information they need in a hurry, and that means communicating through videos, phones and the internet. To engage and attract today’s youth, higher education institutions require solutions that can provide information quickly, easily and in appealing ways. Digital signage for education offers colleges a myriad of possibilities in terms of creating enriched learning environments and elevating the classroom experience.

In this article, we explore several aspects of how digital signage is transforming the modern college.

Enhance wayfinding

Sprawling campuses, winding hallways and mazes of buildings can make it difficult for visitors and new students to navigate. Interactive wayfinding kiosks placed at lobbies, intersecting hallways and other areas where navigational help may be needed can offer directions, directories, maps and other valuable wayfinding assistance.

In outdoor locations, daylight-readable displays located at pedestrian walkways can provide mapping and important notifications. 

Communicate important information

Digital signage is a powerful platform to communicate campus activities such as upcoming events, important deadlines like registration or tuition, class schedule changes, community news, and emergency announcements. Centralized digital signage for education allows colleges to easily update and control content, remotely.

Increase engagement with visitors

Digital signage for education can be extended to lobbies, cafes and events venues to inform and engage visitors. For instance, outdoor digital displays at the school entrance that feature a warm welcome message play an important role in creating an excellent first impression. Digital screens located in the lobby can feature live news and weather feeds to entertain visitors and provide a pleasing atmosphere while reinforcing the college’s brand.

In addition, digital menu boards can be introduced at campus cafes to bring static menus to life and enhance the customer experience.

Virtual Classroom

In addition to improving the campus environment, digital signage also presents a unique teaching experience with real-time engagement to remote instructors and participants alike. X2O Media’s virtual classroom technologycreates an engaging immersive environment with multiple camera views and enables remote users to participate in everything that is taking place within the live classroom.

Featuring high-definition, bi-directional audio/visual communication, interactive whiteboards, presentation monitors with content sharing and a suite of integrated collaboration tools – X2O Virtual Classroom is designed to facilitate interaction between instructors and participants.

Promote environmental sustainability

More institutions of higher education are embracing digital displays and interactive kiosks to streamline processes, improve communication and better engage with students and faculty members. Unlike conventional paper posters, a digital signage network can be easily changed with the touch of a button—all across campus. Further, advance digital signage technology enables customisation of workgroups and permission-based roles to easily restrict or grant varying levels of access to different users.

Today’s digital displays are also environmentally sustainable and energy efficient, optimising cost in the long run.


Modern colleges are leveraging technology and digital displays as part of their digital transformation journey, to achieve enhanced competitiveness, higher profitability, better customer experience, and greater agility across the enterprise.

Scala has been at the forefront of the digital signage industry for over 30 years and delivers a stable, flexible, and user-friendly platform to help administrators roll-out campus-wide communication.

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About the Author:

Esther Chew is the Sr. Manager – Corp Comm & Marketing at Scala Asia-Pacific and is responsible for developing and implementing the internal and external communications strategy and programmes across Asia-Pacific. She drives the company’s corporate image and brand messaging through integrated and strategic communications leveraging various platforms such as executive communication, client communication, digital marketing, media relations and B2B events.

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