Quick Guide to Digital Signage for Fitness Centres

Blog written by Tara Nichols

Quick Guide to Digital Signage for Fitness Centres

by Tara Nichols

The evolving fitness landscape

Consumer expectations of gyms and fitness clubs are evolving in the same way they are in other sectors like retail, hospitality and grocery. While digital and online fitness exploded at the peak of the pandemic as physical gyms were restricted or shuttered altogether due to lengthy lockdowns, overall the global fitness industry was one of the hardest hit sectors during the pandemic, experiencing a significant drop of 16.2% in market size in 2020.

Strong growth expected in the fitness industry

The fitness sector is experiencing a major resurgence as people return to bricks-and-mortar gyms and fitness clubs in droves. The global health and fitness club market is expected to reach a value of USD 147.11 billion in the next two years and will witness a CAGR of 7.21% from 2022 to 2027. Asia-Pacific leads the charge, with the APAC Physical Activity Market expected to reach USD $373.5 billion by next year, overtaking North America as the largest global market. Finally, research from the Global Wellness Institute reveals Asia will be, by far, the #1 growth leader through 2023, and that Asia is also world’s top market ($10.8 billion) for fitness technology.

So, how can digital signage for gyms and fitness centres be used to meet customer expectations, attract new members and improve customer retention? Here we provide a quick guide to the benefits.

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Digital signage for gyms: a quick guide to the benefits

1. Entertain and motivate gym goers

Many people who attend a gym will tell you that staying motivated is a key challenge. There are multiple ways fitness centres can use digital signage to help clients stay on track. Digital signage can be used to:

  • share positive client success stories
  • promote competitions and challenges (research shows that healthy competition can spur motivation), and
  • share workout guidance, health and nutrition and training.

Let’s not forget the power of music, either: it’s been shown that music distracts from pain and fatigue, elevates mood, increases endurance and reduced perceived effort. Gyms can supercharge members by playing high-energy music videos via digital screens throughout the centre.


2. Communicate important information

Today’s consumer expects information at their fingertips. Digital signage for gyms and fitness centres is an indispensable tool to keep members up to date with key information such as:

  • fitness class schedules
  • health and safety alerts
  • gym opening hours and cleaning and maintenance schedules

Gyms may use digital bulletin boards, video walls and other digital wall displays to show information at strategic high traffic areas throughout the centre.

3. Advertising and promotion

Driving revenue and improving customer retention are a high priority for any gym or fitness centre. The majority of gyms lose 50% of new members within the first six months, a high attrition rate for an industry that is seeking to recover post-pandemic. Fitness centre digital signage provides the perfect channel to advertise and promote the benefits of membership, new and fresh exercise programmes and classes to keep members interested, and perks to keep clients coming back. Digital signage can be used to promote:

  • Membership discounts
    Gyms can use digital signage to advertise new joiner discounts to entice casual users.
  • Referral programmes
    Gyms offering special referral discounts for clients can promote this on their digital signage to attract new members through existing clientele
  • New programmes and classes
    Digital signage is a great way to upsell existing members on new programmes, classes and personal training services.

4. Generate advertising revenue

A smart way to generate additional revenue for gyms and fitness centres is to partner with brands (e.g. activewear, nutrition and supplements) to offer digital advertising placements on the centre’s digital screens. Brands can be charged to display sponsored content and for brand takeovers, as well as run special promotions that offer brand discounts and offers to gym members.

Digital Signage Solutions for Gyms and Fitness Centres

  • Videowalls: large-scale wall displays attract and engage clients and create a modern ambience
  • Interactive kiosk and LINQ tablets: enable digital check-in, allow clients to select workout programs and enrol for classes and access health and nutrition information.
  • Social media walls: encourage brand engagement, display positive reviews and client success stories and celebrate client milestones with live social media feeds.
  • Large format screens: strategically placed, these can act as digital bulletin boards and advertising screens.

Transforming gyms and fitness centres with Scala digital signage

Scala digital signage enables gyms and fitness clubs to create a more modern gym experience in line with changing consumer expectations. From video walls to digital check-in and beyond, contact Scala today to discuss your project.

Read more about how Scala created a “Virtual Fitness Experience” for fitness club chain Basic-Fit in more than 800 locations across the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France and Spain.

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