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Everywhere around the world, airports are going digital. From digital check-in and mobile apps to digital wayfinding, advanced Flight Information Display Systems and more, airports are focused on digital transformation to enhance the passenger journey and drive better operational efficiency, especially post-pandemic. The airport digitisation market is projected to generate more than $8.52 billion by 2030, while Asia-Pacific is expected to show the highest growth in the smart airports market in the next six years, partly due to the booming tourism industry in India and China.

There is strong consumer demand for self-service and smart airport concepts , and solutions like airport virtual helpdesk or airport virtual assistant are leading the charge to meet this demand. Designed to offer round-the-clock assistance in airports, a virtual helpdesk for airports can ease passenger travel worries, eliminate lengthy queues and create safer, more connected airports.

Introducing Scala Virtual Helpdesk

Scala Virtual Helpdesk is a one-stop information solution that assists on-the-go passengers with all the information they need at their fingertips. It can help alleviate information desk queues and delivers round-the-clock, personalised assistance to help travellers make their way through busy airports and enjoy a seamless transit journey. Through conveniently placed kiosks, passengers access help through an intuitive interface that allows them to:

● connect with airport staff for real-time assistance
● access virtual check-in and print boarding passes
● order porter services and personal mobility equipment
● access flight information, including arrivals and departures, delays and other updates.
● access wayfinding and maps.

Features of Scala Virtual Helpdesk include:

● Video call – easily assist passengers through real-time communication with airport staff
● Boarding pass printer and scanner
● Flight Finder and information display system
● Digital wayfinding
● QR code integration with mobile devices

Scala Virtual Helpdesk also helps streamline airport operations and provides valuable insights into passenger needs and behaviour through a customised analytics dashboard.

Scala Digital Signage Solutions for Transportation

Scala partners with international airports to deliver seamless travel experiences and create modern, connected airports. Scala’s scalable, reliable, and flexible digital signage solutions are the top choice for the transportation industry. Find out more about how Scala helps improve travel and transit here.

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