Step into the Future: Innovating Beauty Retail with Interactive Kiosks

by Scala Team

Step into the Future: Innovating Beauty Retail with Interactive Kiosks

by Scala Team

Beauty Retail on the Rise in India

Beauty is booming worldwide, and India is no exception. India currently ranks fourth globally in revenue generated from the beauty and personal care market, with the market expected to reach a value of $38billion by 2028. And while beauty ecommerce is growing at a rapid rate, according to India Retailing, offline beauty retail is also taking off, with many beauty retailers opening brick-and-mortar stores spanning multiple cities to meet growing customer demand for in-person beauty shopping.

Interactive kiosks in beauty stores
With the rise of technology and digitalisation in the retail industry, the use of digital signage for beauty stores has become an essential part of enhancing in-store customer experiences. Beauty brands and brick-and-mortar beauty retailers worldwide are encompassing multiple digital touchpoints in their customer-facing retail stores, including interactive solutions, augmented reality and AI technology, to create a more immersive environment and boost in-store sales.

Here, we explore the key ways beauty retailers can incorporate interactive kiosks into the beauty stores of the future.

The power of interactive kiosks for beauty retail

Digital signage for beauty stores is transforming the beauty shopping journey by providing dynamic, interactive content that facilitates deeper product discovery. Vivid displays and personalised product recommendations entice customers to explore a wider range of products, while also highlighting in-store sales, promotions and beauty collections.

Interactive kiosks are making waves as an innovative way to incorporate digital signage technology into the beauty sector. They offer endless possibilities for customer engagement and not only have the potential to elevate the shopping experience through enhanced product discovery, but also streamline operations and boost sales through better customer engagement.

Interactive kiosks as digital beauty assistant

Interactive kiosks in beauty stores can function as a kind of digital assistant, allowing customers to search and explore a wide range of products at their fingertips and providing access to product information, beauty advice, step-by-step tutorials, and other useful beauty content. Used this way, interactive kiosks can augment the service provided by staff in-store.

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AR/AI powered kiosks for virtual try-on

AR and AI technology is being incorporated in beauty stores in smart ways, and one of the best ways is through interactive kiosks. A kiosk equipped with a virtual try-on app allows customers to play with various products and shades virtually and see products on themselves before they make a purchasing decision, delivering personalised recommendations and reducing the anxiety often associated with trying new products. By enhancing customer trust in a product, interactive kiosks help customers more likely to make a purchase.

Streamline store operations

Interactive kiosks can help bustling beauty stores better manage store operations and improve customer service. Self-service or self-checkout kiosks allow customers to check product stock levels, draw comparisons between prices and complete purchases, thereby reducing the burden on staff members and allowing customers to skip the queue and complete their purchase more quickly. Sales staff can then dedicate their efforts to excellent customer service rather than manning checkouts.

Gather useful marketing data

By facilitating customer engagement and encouraging shoppers to share their preferences, interactive kiosks in beauty stores allow retailers to gather valuable data that can be harnessed to refine marketing campaigns and drive sales growth. Beauty retailers can use the data to make strategic decisions by identifying consumer trends, bestselling products and common beauty concerns, and investing in products that will sell well.

Boost sales through product exploration and cross-selling

Beauty store interactive kiosks offer an incredible opportunity for customer product discovery. Customers can access all product information at their fingertips, from product ingredients to recommended skin types, pricing information and brand comparisons. Further, kiosks present the opportunity to increase sales through upsell and cross-sell. Based on customer interests and preferences, kiosks can be used to recommend related products and promotional offers. Well-targeted suggestions can prompt impulse purchases, significantly enhancing sales and overall store performance. Not only do customers benefit from finding products they may not have considered, but the store gains from increased sales and improved customer satisfaction. Interactive kiosks, therefore, are a strategic way to maximise sales potential in the beauty retail sector.

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