Workplace Digital Signage – The Perfect Answer To Enhance Internal Communication

by Scala Team

Workplace Digital Signage – The Perfect Answer To Enhance Internal Communication

by Scala Team

With the transformation of office work culture and increase in remote working models, it is crucial for companies to create a robust internal communication network to ensure that all employees are in alignment with the company’s directives.

Apart from emails and chatting apps, digital signage can be a great addition to an organisation’s internal communication system. Digital signage enhances interactivity and audience engagement and acts as a convenient source of information. Studies show that companies can witness up to 83 percent recall rate when information is provided through digital signage.

Let us explore specific ways in which workplace digital signage can help to enhance internal communication.

Update of real-time information

The pandemic has altered the way offices function. Workplaces now need to have tiered systems, safe distancing measures and limited population within the office. Workplace digital signage can be used to share real-time information such as the number of people in a particular room or across different levels, and the availability of meeting rooms/facilities . Providing live data is an excellent way to keep employees alert and engaged.

Safeguard health and wellbeing

Workplace digital signage can be utilized to remind employees on the various precautionary measures to take to safeguard their health and wellbeing. For instance, reminders to wash hands, maintain social distancing and personal hygiene can be prominently displayed on screens throughout the office.

With its plethora of design features, vibrant and dynamic messages on digital screens capture attention much better, compared to traditional email communication.

Highlight Employee Contributions

Employee recognition is a great way to maximise ROI, as motivated employees tend to perform better and more efficiently. Employee recognition signals that leadership is proud of its employees and places value on their contributions. In this regard, workplace digital signage can be utilised to display a high-impact announcement to spotlight a team or individual who has delivered outstanding results.

Promote employee engagement

Digital signage can be utilized to help promote employee engagement by featuring employee profiles on a regular basis. These profiles may include name, department, what they do for the company, achievements, personal fun facts etc.

Another eye-catching technique is to get quotes from a highlighted employee about what they do, their aspirations or how they view their purpose at the company.

Celebrate corporate milestones

Help turn traditional newsletters into a dynamic and appealing must-read component with digital signage. Highlight corporate milestones in an attractive and engaging manner to garner better attention and readership.

Visual content is far easier for most people to consume, which is why 80% of marketers use visual content, and video is now more popular than blogging in social media marketing.

Amplify company’s brand story

Digital signage is an effective medium for internal brand storytelling to improve employee engagement. Prominently displaying the company’s vision, mission and strategic goals will help strengthen your brand from the inside out. People who believe in and align with the vision and mission of the company where they work are more likely to be more productive and display higher retention rates.


A happy, efficient workplace where employees feel vested in the company vision and where collaboration thrives is the key to innovation and growth. Enhancing internal communication strategies is essential to help businesses stay competitive in the digital era. Further, digital signage for internal communications opens a wide array of collaboration and engagement opportunities to improve remote participation.

Scala offers a range of corporate communications digital signage solutions to help create a cohesive work environment, deliver clear content and optimise workplace communication.

Healthcare Digital Signage Essential for Modern Hospitals

Healthcare digital signage plays a vital role as hospitals modernise and shift towards digital adoption. Healthcare digital signage provides a powerful visual communication tool for hospitals to engage their audience, elevate the patient and visitor experience, and optimise space.

The global healthcare digital signage market is expected to exhibit a CAGR of 8.4% in 2021-2028, as more healthcare providers seek digital signage solutions to help deliver a seamless and personalised patient experience.

For instance, the Pantai Hospital Kuala Lumpur underwent a major renovation which included giving a modern, futuristic look to a new 12-storey building, and accommodating the growth in patients and hospital personnel. To enhance communication between staff and patients, and to creating an engaging environment for visitors, the hospital switched to digital signage, incorporating 45 displays throughout six different zones in the new wing, digital displays at lift areas, as well as a video wall and digital wayfinding solutions at the main lobby.

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