October 10-14 | Booth: Zabeel Hall 1-A20

GITEX Globle 2022

Dubai, United Arab Emirates
October 10-14 | Booth: Zabeel Hall 1-A20

Scala CMS

Uniting seven communities in one awe-inspiring ecosystem in Dubai: tech enterprises, governments, startups, investors, coders, academia and youth. Appearing exclusively on the e& (formerly known as Etisalat Group) in Zabeel Hall 1-A20, Scala will be sharing a selection of digital solutions designed to create competition-beating customer experiences while also supplying brands with the data they need to stay flexible and profitable. From minimizing the impact of labor shortages to encouraging product discovery and customer loyalty, discover how Scala technology can benefit your brand by visiting Zabeel Hall 1-A20.

Scala Solutions on show at GITEX GLOBAL:

Digital Menu Boards and Ordering System

Scala’s digital menu boards offer brands a cost-effective way to minimize food waste, mitigate staffing shortages and adapt to new hospitality regulations such as calorie and allergen labeling. Giving customers the ability to build and customize their order easily while brands can promote items to create sales, build loyalty and reduce inefficiencies, Scala digital menu boards are available in a variety of sizes with flexible functionality.

Lift and Learn with ASK

Taking the challenges of staffing into account while amplifying the expertise of store employees, lift and learn with ASK allows for product discovery as well as easy-to-access sales assistance without the need for a dedicated sales associate to be located nearby. Configured at GITEX to showcase some of impressive range of mobile devices available at e&, lift and learn with ASK is an enhanced version of the lift and learn digital solution that incorporates forms of guided selling — product lift and learn, informative shelf edge displays, in-store assisted selling as well as remote expert assistance.


Scala’s gondola solution transforms the traditional display found in busy retail environments into an interactive shopping experience. Utilizing larger digital signage along with touchscreen tablets and shelf edge digital displays, the versatile solution is easily integrated into standard retail gondola shelves allowing retailers to incrementally modernize their store while creating a personalized shopping experience.

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