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Corporate Communications

Corporate Digital Signage for Smart Workplaces

Corporate Communications

Corporate Digital Signage for Smart Workplaces

Corporate Digital Signage for Smart Workplaces

Scala digital signage solutions for corporate communications are designed to boost employee engagement, improve internal communications and information sharing and deliver impressive corporate brand experiences.

Scala’s stable, flexible and easy-to-use platform helps companies improve business communication and create connected workplaces.

Key Use Cases

Employee and Visitor Sign-In

Interactive kiosks streamline employee and visitor sign-in, taking the pressure off busy reception staff and enhancing building security.

Easy Wayfinding

Touchscreen kiosks, tablets and interactive digital signs allow employees and visitors to access wayfinding apps and building directories to easily navigate large corporate complexes.

Improve Internal Communications

Showcase company milestones, promote events and training, share corporate news and deliver emergency alerts to employees with strategically placed digital signage.

Welcome Employees & Guests

Enhance your corporate brand experience with welcome messages and custom corporate content, delivered via videowalls and lobby digital signage.

Create a Connected Workplace

Use corporate digital signage to foster a sense of connection and boost employee engagement, from lobby videowalls to break room and meeting room digital signage.

Display Meeting and Event Schedules

Show meeting times and locations on convenient digital signs in reception areas, making it easy for employees and visitors to find their way to the right locations.

Corporate Digital Signage Solutions

Scala offers a range of leading corporate digital signage solutions that help companies create connected workplaces, engage employees and enhance corporate brand image.

Why Scala for Corporate Communication


Stable and Reliable

Create and deploy your digital experiences with confidence, knowing Scala Enterprise platform offers stable and reliable performance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Create a Positive Brand Experience

From welcoming employees and visitors to digital wayfinding, Scala’s digital solutions transform the employee experience and help companies project a positive brand image.


Update Information Easily

Remotely manage digital signage content and update screens in real-time, including meeting and schedule information, corporate news and events, weather and news updates and more, across locations and time zones.


Flexible and Scalable

The Scala digital signage management software is flexible and scalable, allowing you to customise every aspect of your digital experience regardless of the size or scope of your project.


Smart Content Management

Advanced features of Scala Player digital signage software include smart playlists, scheduling, permission-based user roles and triggers.


Infinitely Customisable

Create compelling digital signage content with Scala’s powerful web-based design tool. Easily maintain brand integrity by adding unique colours and images while customising font and style.

Create Compelling Content Easily

Scala Designer makes content creation a breeze with its intuitive interface, design versatility and live rendering. Easily combine text, images, graphics, video and animation for the ultimate engaging content.

Corporate Digital Signage Solutions for Smart Workplaces and Offices

“Digital transformation is not about technology at all. It’s about people.”

-Josh Bersin

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