Fast Food Restaurants

Digital Signage for Fast Food Restaurants

Fast Food Restaurants

Digital Signage for Modern Fast Food Restaurants

Digital Signage for Modern Fast Food Restaurants

Scala digital signage for fast food and quick service restaurants boosts sales, improves the ordering process, reduces wait times, and optimises restaurant operations. Powering digital displays for many fast food brands worldwide, Scala digital signage provides modern dining experiences and leads the digital transformation of fast food restaurants.

Scala’s stable, flexible, and easy-to-use platform helps Australian fast food restaurants offer a seamless customer experience, personalized service, and valuable insights that can help boost their bottom line.

Key Use Cases

Self-Ordering Kiosks

Minimise wait times and enables guest to place orders with digital self-ordering kiosks. Promote sales growth by prompting meal upgrades and recommending related items during checkout.

Digital Menu Boards

Impress diners with attractive digital menu boards that brings food menus to life with striking visuals and video. Effortlessly update menu items and prices at any time during the day.

Advertise Special Offers

Promote limited-time sales with content scheduled to automatically update throughout the day. Use striking imagery to capture attention and drive impulse purchases.

Upsell and Cross-Sell

Use digital signage to maximise sales with meal upgrade offers, combo deals and meal add-ons such as sides and beverages.

Increase Engagement

Increase engagement with digital displays featuring cooking tutorials, menu nutritional information of menu items and live news and weather updates.

Predictive Ordering

Use digital sensors to record valuable data on customer ordering patterns and preferences. Use insights to personalise the customer experience and streamline store operations with predictive ordering.

Fast Food and QSR Solutions

Scala provides advanced digital signage solutions for fast food restaurants in Australia, delivering modern digital menu boards to enhance the customer experience, streamline restaurant operations, and enable guest personalisation.

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Why Scala for Fast Food Restaurants


Stable and Reliable

The Scala Enterprise platform provides stable, reliable digital signage performance ensureing 24/7 uptime.



Scala simplifies the deployment process from content creation to playlist building and scheduling. With an intuitive interface, scheduling and deploying content across multiple screens and locations becomes effortless.


Update Information Easily

Remotely control and update advertising campaigns and menu items in real time, even across different locations and time zones.


Increase Revenue

Drive sales with targeted advertising, upselling, and cross-selling techniques while generating additional revenue through third-party advertising.


Minimise Perceived Wait Times

Engage customers while they wait with engaging digital signage content like infotainment, live streaming and traffic and location-based weather updates.


Conserve the Environment

Promote sustainability and cost savings by replacing traditional printed menus with eco-friendly digital menu boards.

Create Compelling Content Easily

Scala Designer offers an easy and intuitive interface for creating visually appealing, versatile digital signage content allowing users to seamlessly combine text, images, graphics, video, and animation.

“A lot of restaurants serve good food, but they don’t have very good service.”

– Wolfgang Puck

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