Scala Digital Signage Software

Reliable, simple and flexible

Scala Digital Signage Software

Reliable, simple and flexible

Content Manager

Control and customize playlists to deliver the right content to the intended audiences at the right time. Scala Content Manager is an easy-to-use.

Scala Designer

The feature-rich content creation tool was specifically engineered for the digital signage market and can support a wide range of media formats from 4K videos to social media feeds.

Scala Player

The software component that resides within a Scala media player to power dynamic content, player-level scheduling and feature management functions.

Scala Designer Cloud

A web-based tool created for novice and intermediate users to produce beautiful, brand compliant and engaging digital signage from scratch or by using a provided template.

Scala Australia Digital Signage Software Features

Scala Digital Signage Solutions

Scala Enterprise is Scala’s flagship digital signage solution. The three key elements – Scala Designer, Scala Content Manager and Scala Player – work together to deliver powerful digital experiences for industries including retail, QSR, transportation, education, healthcare and more. The Scala platform is user-friendly, scalable and reliable, allowing marketing teams to easily create and manage digital signage content.

Scala Digital Signage Features


Stable and Reliable

Create and deploy your digital experiences with confidence, knowing Scala Enterprise platform offers stable and reliable performance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Flexible and Scalable

Create single screen or enterprise level signage solutions with ease, depending on your unique business needs.


Infinitely Customisable

Customize every aspect of your digital experience regardless of the size or scope of your project.



From content creation, playlist building to scheduling, Scala makes the process of deployment easy and intuitive.


Smart Content Management

Advanced features of Scala Player digital signage software include smart playlists, scheduling, permission-based user roles and triggers.


Design Versatility

Scala offers endless design possibilities to suit digital displays of all sizes. Design for landscape, portrait or video walls. Content can be auto-rotated and scaled to perfectly fit your displays.

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