Advancing Higher Education with Digital Signage

by Tara Nichols

Advancing Higher Education with Digital Signage

by Tara Nichols

Higher education is evolving at a rapid pace as universities and other tertiary education institutions turn to digital technology to enhance learning. Education technology or ‘edtech’ is booming globally, with research showing that global edtech venture capital funding increased from $500 million in 2010 to $7 billion in 2019, before jumping nearly three-fold in 2021. Edtech covers a wide range of technologies, and education digital signage is becoming an increasingly critical component in the mix. In fact, 73 percent of educational institutions say that digital signage has a crucial role to play in the future of communication, while 84% of students believe that digital technology enhances knowledge.

Here, we explore how education digital signage and interactive technology can help evolve the higher education experience and lead to enhanced learning outcomes.

Classroom digital signage

Classroom and lecture theatres have changed, and so have student expectations. Projector screens were once considered the forefront of technology in education settings, but with the availability of ultra-HD digital screens and videowalls, the appeal of educational content can be greatly enhanced. Clear, bright digital screens make for a more modern and visually engaging experience: large, high-definition screens and video walls present information clearly and crisply while encouraging visual learning. Images, data and video are shown in startling clarity, keeping students engaged and improving information retention.

Interactive library digital signage

Libraries form the heart and soul of many tertiary campuses, and there are many ways libraries can use digital signage to deliver enhanced services to students. Digital displays can show real-time study room and computer availability and deliver important announcements and information. Interactive kiosks, digital signs and video walls are especially useful tools for university libraries. Kiosks or touchscreens can facilitate library wayfinding or display digital directories to guide students to relevant collections and library sections. Kiosks also facilitate collection exploration, allowing students to access a digital library catalogue of collection items and study resources and showing item location and availability.

Scala CMS

Central content management

Centrally managed digital signage for university campuses allows information to be delivered to students in many different locations at once. Emergency alerts, important announcements and awareness campaigns can be scheduled and published to all screens on campus, reaching students wherever they happen to be. Centralised content management also allows universities to deliver localised information on each screen, and to vary messaging according to campus location.

Digital room scheduling

Finding and booking study spaces is made hassle-free with digital room scheduling for universities. Digital room scheduling streamlines the room booking process and optimises space utilisation, while an intuitive interface displays room status and availability, booking schedule and meeting information in real time.

Virtual Classroom

The boundaries of the physical classroom or lecture theatre are no longer a barrier to learning with the advent of virtual classroom technology. Virtual classroom solutions, such as X2O’s OneRoom, provide an immersive hybrid and virtual learning that unites in-room and remote students, providing the ability to educate across geography and offer interactive learning experiences regardless of location.

Outdoor digital displays

Outdoor digital displays on university and college campuses can be used to deliver critical information in real-time to students, anytime and almost anywhere on campus. As well as emergency alerts and crucial updates, outdoor digital signage can be used to advertise university events, highlight student achievements and better engage students.

Scala CMS
Scala CMS

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