How New Zealand Businesses can Leverage Digital Signage for Better Corporate Communication

by Jasdeep Kohli

How New Zealand Businesses can Leverage Digital Signage for Better Corporate Communication

by Jasdeep Kohli

Good communication is a cornerstone of success for any modern business. In New Zealand’s evolving business landscape, office digital signage stands out as a key tool for modern corporate environments, helping to foster seamless communication channels and keep employees engaged. An engaged workforce is essential to business success, so it makes sense to invest in useful internal communications tools like corporate digital signage.
Digital Signage for Corporate Communication in New Zealand

Digital signage for growing New Zealand businesses

Businesses across almost all industries are on the rise in New Zealand, with over 600,000 enterprises. New Zealand’s professional, scientific and technical services industries have witnessed significant growth in the past two years, up 4.6 per cent, while large enterprises in particular have seen higher growth than small and medium businesses, growing over 6.3 per cent since February 2022. Most businesses have established new locations in recent years, and companies across most industries have significantly increased their workforces.

All of this growth translates to an increased need for adequate employee communications, and that is where digital signage for corporate communications can contribute significantly to the success of New Zealand companies. The strength of digital signage in the context of corporate communication lies in its versatility. A dynamic and interactive medium, digital signage goes beyond the limitations of conventional static displays, delivering important information in an engaging way. With digital signage, it is possible to present diverse content, from important company updates and announcements to performance leaderboards, inspirational content and more. Successful corporate digital signage keeps employees well-informed and creates a sense of connection, resulting in a more productive and vibrant company culture.

Here, we look at several ways that New Zealand businesses across all industries can leverage corporate digital signage to engage employees and improve internal communication for business success.

Boost employee engagement and satisfaction

Digital signage for internal communication can dramatically elevate employee engagement. Using the right content that resonates with workers, digital signage offers a platform for cultivating a sense of belonging and appreciation. A key way to achieve this is by showcasing employee achievements through digital signage. This helps workers feel appreciated and recognised, which has been shown to lead to increased job satisfaction and productivity. Further, digital signage can be used to deliver inspiring messages, showcase company goals and performance leaderboards and encourage employees to participate in work events and social activities.

New Zealand Corporate Digital Signage

Streamline corporate announcements

Digital signage is one of the most efficient ways to deliver important company messages to employee. With smart content management and scheduling features, digital signage ensures key dates for important announcements are not missed, and also allows for instant publishing of up-to-the-minute information. For fast-paced New Zealand companies, this can make all the difference in creating a well-informed and engaged workforce. Quickly and easily communicate policy information and updates, workplace safety announcements, upcoming events and corporate milestones.

Enhance brand identity

A large part of the employee experience of corporate culture comes from their perception of the company’s brand and values. Digital signage is the perfect tool to communicate company values, as well as create an aesthetically pleasing workplace using attractive visual branding. Corporate branding plays a role in visitor and client perception, too. The right digital signage can be powerful for enhancing external perceptions of a company’s brand, from branded welcome signage to attractive displays featured throughout an office space or reception area.

Implementing corporate digital signage: practical considerations

Successful corporate digital signage requires careful planning and consideration. Here are some key things New Zealand businesses should consider when choosing and implementing a digital signage solution for internal communications:

Signage location
The strategic positioning of digital displays is crucial. Displays should be situated in areas frequented regularly by staff such as communal spaces, entrances, and alongside main corridors, ensuring the content captures maximum attention and engagement.

Easy content management and scheduling
Selecting a platform for digital signage that is both intuitive and adaptable is vital. Businesses, especially those in fast-paced industries or with advanced content needs, should look for solutions that allow easy content scheduling and management to ensure information is always up-to-date and easy to update if required.

Adequate content planning
When digital signage is implemented without consideration for an ongoing content strategy, it can result in a low return on investment. It is important for businesses to set goals for their digital signage, plan what types of content are going to be showcased on displays, and how often it needs to be updated. Businesses should implement a content calendar to plan content in advance, and seek regular feedback from employees to track the effect of displays.

The best types of digital signage for corporate communications

When it comes to corporate digital signage, the possibilities can be endless. Here is a list of the top solutions for corporate communications.

Videowalls: these eye-catching, larger format displays can be used in office reception areas, staff break out rooms and other large communal spaces to welcome staff and visitors, showcase inspirational content and deliver important company information.

Hallway/corridor digital displays: available in a wide variety of sizes and formats, corridor digital displays can capture employees as they move throughout the office, ensuring that important updates get seen.

Interactive kiosks and displays: from secure digital office sign-in to logging hours of work and break times and registering for company events, kiosks and interactive digital screens can be used to streamline workplace processes and engage employees.

Scala digital signage: transform corporate communications

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