How Outdoor Digital Signage Can Help Grocery Stores Boost Sales & Enhance Customer Experience

by Scala Team

How Outdoor Digital Signage Can Help Grocery Stores Boost Sales & Enhance Customer Experience

by Scala Team

The popularity of digital signage has exploded in recent years. Outdoor digital signage has become a common sight in the past decade and are being adopted by many grocery chains and stores to increase brand visibility and improve sales.

Outdoor digital signs are generally placed in a public area with plenty of space, creating an excellent opportunity for creating awareness to a large audience in a visually impactful way. Additionally, they can be easily mounted and are visible from a distance, weather-proof and built for durability.

Let us consider how outdoor digital advertising can be utilised by grocery stores to boost sales and enhance customer experience.

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Display Special Sales and Promotions

Outdoor digital signage is an effective platform for grocery stores to announce special sales and promotions. When placed at high traffic areas such as shopping malls, marketplaces or even gas stations, outdoor digital displays deliver excellent legibility and visibility to a wide audience. The contemporary interactive media, motion images and content on outdoor screens is far more attractive and attention-grabbing than static signage.

Assist Shoppers by Displaying Useful Information

For grocery stores, outdoor digital signage is a great way to enhance customer experience as they can provide useful information about the store’s opening times, parking options, nearest restrooms, or entry information for specific shopping category, among various other types of information.

Outdoor digital signs can help grocery stores forge relationships even before a visitor turns into a shopper. This goes a long way in establishing trust and turning shoppers into loyal and repeat customers.

Help Shoppers Shop Safely

Outdoor digital advertising is great for communicating and implementing a range of safety measures and procedures. For instance, outdoor digital signs can be used to display a count of people inside the grocery store and approximate wait time for customers. They are also useful in displaying how far apart people are to stand, designating spaces where shoppers are permitted entry, and displaying a schedule for senior citizen shopping.

Boost Shopper Convenience

Use of BOPIS (Buy Online Pick in Store) and curbside pickup has increased for 78% of shoppers since COVID-19 began, and 69% expect to continue using it at the same or higher levels after the pandemic subsides. *

Grocery stores, hence, can boost shopper convenience by installing visible outdoor digital signage to direct customers to relevant curbside or drive through pick-up areas.

Dynamic Real Time Update

Outdoor digital signs are also a great way to dynamically show items that are in stock or out of stock, so shoppers can avoid entering stores if the items they need are out of stock.

Unlike traditional signage, outdoor digital signage can be integrated with your inventory systems, and messages can be displayed and automatically updated based on multiple factors such as stock status, pricing, offers, time of the day or even location, so they always show the most accurate and relevant information.

Thanks to its ability to render bright, colourful, and dynamic messaging, outdoor digital signage is quickly becoming a key display standard for grocery stores and supermarkets across the world.

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