Digital Menu Boards – A Necessary Feature In Every QSR

by Jasdeep Kohli

Digital Menu Boards – A Necessary Feature In Every QSR

by Jasdeep Kohli

Gone are the days where restaurants and QSRs rely on paper menus and posters to promote food and beverage items. Vibrant and eye-catching digital menu displays have come a long way from traditional, unresponsive, static food boards.

Recent statistics show that 74% of customers in restaurants say that an effective menu display is their top priority, and QSRs using digital menu boards account for up to 20% of the digital signage industry. Indeed, digital signage solutions are increasingly being embraced by restaurants and QSRs to attract new customers and improve the dining experience.

In this article, we discuss why digital menu boards are a necessary feature in every QSR.

Enhance customer experience

Digital menu boards are the perfect solution to improve the ordering experience, bringing restaurant menus to life with videos and animations. Nutritional information and calorie count for each menu item can be displayed and easily updated, providing value-added information to diners. Digital menu boards featuring mouth-watering visuals that are strategically placed outside the restaurant are more likely to draw in someone as compared to a static menu.

By adding logos, colours and imagery,digital menu boards can be designed to form a cohesive look with the rest of the brand, thereby promoting brand consistency.

Update content easily

With digital menu boards, restaurant owners can easily update menu items, promotions and prices in real-time by simply revising the data in the content management system. Specific promotional campaigns can also be scheduled in advance. This means no more changing transparent inserts or manual flipping from breakfast to lunch. Digital menu boards allow restaurants to schedule when their menus will change, automatically.

Update menus based on kitchen inventory

Digital menu boards can be updated based on kitchen inventory, helping restaurant owners to save money, mitigate waste and avoid selling out of popular menu items. When running low on an item, simply remove it from featured promotions. On the other hand, if there is too much inventory of one item or a batch of food is close to expiring, schedule a discount to sell more of those items.

Promote Upselling

Digital menu boards present a huge opportunity for upsells and help to boost revenue. Based on orders entered in a POS system, the digital screens can display complementary items. It is an excellent tool for restaurants that offer combos and menu add-ons like sides, drinks, and desserts.

Enhance employee communication

Restaurants can use their digital menu board to communicate with staff for training or other important news during hours when the restaurant is closed. Pre-recorded training videos can be scheduled to play across all locations at a set time, assisting employees with on-the-job training. Furthermore, employee recognition messages can be broadcasted to acknowledge the contribution of employees and boost morale.

Eliminate printing costs

Static menu boards require additional resources to print and install the materials. On the other hand, digital menu boards eliminate the costs of printing and installation, and promote environmental sustainability.


Digital menu boards are spreading quickly across the restaurant and QSR industries, helping owners to enhance the customer experience while making improvements to their restaurants, operations and bottom lines.

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