Transform Your Mall with Digital Signage

by Tara Nichols

Transform Your Mall with Digital Signage

by Tara Nichols

Brick-and-mortar retail is alive and well, and customers are returning to physical stores in droves, despite the massive growth in e-commerce. In-store shopping has an enduring appeal for consumers that seems hard to shake, and with retail continuing to bounce back around the world, malls and shopping centres are enjoying the benefits of increased visitation. But what is the key to lasting success? The answer lies in delivering an excellent customer experience.
Mall Digital Signage Solutions: transforming the mall experience
Here, we explore how malls and shopping centres can leverage digital signage technology to create engaging shopping experiences and deliver excellent customer service that will keep customers returning again and again.

1. Virtual Concierge for Malls

Digital Virtual Concierge for shopping malls can help enhance customer service by connecting customers with the stores, services, and amenities they need. Powered by interactive kiosks, Virtual Concierge allows shoppers to quickly and conveniently access the information they need, such as directions to a store, product information, store hours, or information about sales and promotions. Further, one of the best advantages of Virtual Concierge for malls is that it frees up staff and reduces service desk queues, and provides customers with multiple digital touchpoints across the mall instead of just one service desk.

By using digital virtual concierge, shoppers can:
● quickly request help with wayfinding, mobility and more
● book appointments for services like mall events, personal shopping and styling sessions
● access live chat/videocall with customer service representatives

Shopping malls equipped with digital virtual concierge technology can ensure that their customers receive top-notch service, and leave feeling satisfied and well-taken care of.

2. Videowall

Videowalls for shopping malls offer a wide range of benefits, from improved customer engagement to improving the ambience and atmosphere of the mall. As a form of large-format digital signage, videowalls can help malls create an impressive visual display that attracts and engages shoppers.

With videowalls, mall operators can:

● promote specific products, sales, and promotions, alerting customers to the best deals and driving foot traffic to individual retail stores
● highlight new and exciting attractions and stores in the mall
● guide customers to their desired location with interactive wayfinding
● drive brand awareness and deliver relevant, targeted brand advertising
● create an exciting atmosphere that encourages shoppers to dwell and remain in the mall for longer.

3. Digital Wayfinding

Digital wayfinding solutions for shopping malls can have a big impact on the success of malls. Being able to get around easily enhances the overall customer experience, especially in large and sprawling complexes. Using a digital wayfinding kiosk or other interactive display, customers can:

● easily identify store locations and mall facilities to quickly find the places they need to go;
● view virtual maps of the mall with searchable and filterable information, and
● access features such as directions, opening hours, shop descriptions, special offers, and more.

Digital wayfinding for malls also translates to a reduced reliance on physical signage, which can be costly and time-consuming to update. With digital wayfinding, mall owners have the advantage of being able to update maps and store information on-demand, ensuring information is always current and accurate.

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4. Digital Standee

A digital standee is a type of freestanding digital signage display specifically designed to be positioned in high traffic areas in a store or mall. They are used to create an engaging and interactive display environment, and are becoming increasingly popular in shopping malls as they provide a dynamic and interactive way to showcase products, promote sales, and highlight information about upcoming events. Digital standees provide shoppers with a more immersive experience than traditional freestanding signage, encompassing video and static content while allowing scope for targeted and personalised messaging.

Digital standees can be used throughout malls as a type of freestanding kiosk for wayfinding, making purchases and exploring retail brands, as well as for displaying advertising and mall information.

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