How Scala Meeting Room Manager Makes Workplaces More Efficient

by Tahir Imran

How Scala Meeting Room Manager Makes Workplaces More Efficient

by Tahir Imran

Workplaces are evolving

There is no doubt that workplaces have changed in recent years. Through the pandemic and beyond, most formal workplaces have necessarily evolved to adopt a hybrid work model, and a more flexible approach to communication. A report by Owl Labs shows that 62% of the global working population have opted for working hybrid, combining working in the office with some form of remote work. Teams have become dispersed, often working across multiple office locations. In addition, office design itself has changed, with dedicated work stations giving way to flexible workspaces and more space for meetings to facilitate collaboration between colleagues.

Following several years of connecting with colleagues almost exclusively online, employees who find themselves back in the office are getting used to face-to-face meetings again. According to, many firms prefer face-to-face meetings as they allow for more effective communication, the development of solid connections, and increased participation. Research also shows that meeting face-to-face is more productive. In fact, face-to-face requests are shown to be 34 times more effective than those sent by email.

Meeting room management: the key to efficient workplaces

Managing physical meeting spaces and schedules can be time-consuming and resource-intensive, often falling to one or two people to manage and bringing with it a host of challenges. A meeting room manager is a tool that helps employees in busy workplaces book meetings and workspaces to facilitate easy and efficient gatherings. Here, we explore how an effective meeting room management solution can help workplaces be more connected, efficient and productive.

Replace inefficient manual booking systems

Offices that still use manual booking systems to manage meeting spaces, such as spreadsheets, Word documents or even paper, are likely compromising efficiency and productivity. Manual systems are often only accessible by one or two staff members, meaning not everyone is able to book a meeting space when they need it.

A digital meeting room management solution like Scala Meeting Room Manager allows any employee to create meetings and book spaces, and easily change details like time, date and location with instant updates to colleagues. Further, all details are centrally managed, making coordinating meeting spaces across locations far easier.

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Free up resources

For busy workplaces with multiple locations, meeting spaces and complex meeting schedules, meeting management can be a full time task for one or more employees. Often, the task falls to reception or executive staff who have many other responsibilities.

With a centrally managed meeting room manager, any employee is able to search for a meeting space, schedule a meeting and book the right location, meaning this responsibility no longer falls to one or two people. Now precious staff resources can be reallocated to more important tasks, improving workplace productivity.

Integrate with existing scheduling tools

Manual room booking systems often fall short when it comes to sharing details with other corporate tools, like email and scheduling systems. A smart meeting room management system can be integrated with existing tools to ensure details are not lost and corporate schedules and resources are aligned. Scala Meeting Room Manager easily integrates with existing tools like Outlook, Google Meets and more to ensure all details are captured and can be centrally managed.

Utilise meeting spaces more effectively

A meeting room manager with a strong analytics module gives insight into the usage patterns of meeting rooms, helping to identify under-utilised space and plan office layouts and facilities.

Scala Meeting Room Manager benefits

  • Flexible and adaptable

    Other room scheduling solutions with limited features force organisations to adapt to the tool rather than the other way around. Scala Meeting Room Manager is feature-rich and flexible to adapt to your unique work environment and needs.

  • Easy integration with other systems

    Some solutions do not integrate well with other corporate systems like email and calendars, but Scala Meeting Room Manager easily interfaces with a variety of other tools.

  • Robust reporting and analytics

    Scala Meeting Room Manager includes a handy analytics module that generates automatic reports, giving valuable insights into space utilisation.

  • Easily manage meetings in multiple locations

    Managing meeting room scheduling across different locations can be challenging. Scala Meeting Room Manager is centrally managed, making it easy to coordinate meeting spaces across multiple offices or campuses.

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Create a productive and efficient workplace with Scala meeting Room Manager

Scala’s Meeting Room Manager is an elegant addition to your workspace, providing visibility of meetings and helping everyone find and book available rooms with ease. Manage and optimise workspaces and get clear insights to help improve workspace utilisation.

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