Revamp the Black Friday Experience with Digital Signage

by Scala Team

Revamp the Black Friday Experience with Digital Signage

by Esther Chew

Black Friday is one of the most well-known shopping sales periods in the western world. Just right after Thanksgiving, Black Friday starts the holiday shopping season by providing some of the best in-store and online shopping deals for consumers.

Last year, it was predicted that over $1 million would be spent per minute in Australia during Black Friday, with sales increasing by 8% as compared to before the pandemic. Victoria was the biggest Black Friday sales spending state in 2021, spending approximately $190 million over the weekend, followed by New South Wales and Queensland which spent about $163 million and $73 million, respectively.

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What this means for retailers

Black Friday is a golden opportunity for retailers to attract customers and boost sales, as 55% of Australians are happy to browse during Black Friday and Cyber Monday even if they do not need to buy anything.

The eight weeks leading up to Christmas alone can generate 60-70% of revenue for a brand, so it is critical that retailers invest in the right marketing strategy and up their game. After all, acquiring new customers around Black Friday and keeping them happy gives retailers the opportunity to drive repeat sales during the Christmas season.

How should retailers enhance their stores to deliver a delightful shopping experience for customers? Read on to find out more.

Retail digital signage and its benefits

Retail digital signage offers retailers a cost-effective approach to reinvent the physical store, improve customer service and increase brand engagement. Retailers can deploy smart solutions such as dynamic displays, automated checkout systems, virtual fitting rooms, smart digital displays and interactive kiosks to provide a stellar shopping experience for customers.

Retail digital signage enhances the retail space by helping to:

Transform the In-store Experience: Retail digital signage transforms the in-store experience by creating immersive and personalised experiences with innovative solutions such as video walls, dynamic digital displays and smart tablets.

Increase Customer Satisfaction: Interactive displays provide useful product information at the click of a few buttons and facilitates decision-making. This improves customer service and increases satisfaction.

Drive Sales: Outdoor and indoor digital signage featuring eye-catching visuals and videos attract customer attention and increases footfall. Strategically placed displays featuring offers and discounts stimulate purchase desire and drive sales.

Streamline Operations: Retail digital signage offers real-time updates about prices, promotions and stock availability. This helps to streamline operations and processes

Digital Signage Solutions for Black Friday

Get your store ready for Black Friday with these innovative retail signage solutions.

LINQ All-In-One Shelf Edge Digital Display: Deliver powerful, in-aisle shopping experiences and brand messaging with eye-catching clarity using LINQ Shelf Edge Display – a full hardware and software solution that delivers programmable, high-definition multimedia content to attract attention, boost impulse buys and drive sales.

LINQ All-In-One Intelligent Tablet: Create bespoke, immersive customer experiences and manage content across multiple locations easily with LINQ commercial-grade intelligent tablet. LINQ tablets are equipped with a front-facing camera and integrated mobile sensors, enabling consumer detection and identifying demographics.

Smart Fitting Room: Offer a hassle-free and pleasant fitting room experience by enabling customers to request assistance while in the fitting room by simply pressing the buzzer, which sends an instant notification (on-screen and audio) to staff.

Lift & Learn: An interactive solution that presents customers with an engaging, personalised shopping experience. Lifting a product triggers product information to be displayed on a screen, allowing customers to learn more about the product and facilitating product comparison.

Digital Standee: Integrate a wayfinding application to help shoppers navigate their way around large malls. Feature store and location information on touchscreen displays to increase engagement.

Video Wall: High-definition video walls are a fantastic way to attract attention; perfect for relaying information to your target audience and broadcast all types of media.

Transform Your Store with Scala Digital Signage Solutions

Are you looking for the best-in-class retail digital signage solutions for your store this Black Friday? If so, then Scala has got your back. With over 30 years of experience in empowering retailers to reimagine the customer experience, Scala is renowned for its range of reliable, flexible and scalable retail signage solutions.

Scala digital signage solutions help retailers deliver superior customer experiences and activate business outcomes. For more information, For more information, click here.

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