Transforming Uni Campuses: 5 Creative Uses for Digital Signage in New Zealand Universities

by Scala Team

Transforming Uni Campuses: 5 Creative Uses for Digital Signage in New Zealand Universities

by Scala Team

Digital signage is an indispensable tool for modern universities, transforming the way they communicate with their students, faculty, and visitors. In New Zealand, universities are embracing the power of education digital signage to enhance learning and engage students.
University Digital Signage in New Zealand
In this blog, we look beyond the more traditional uses of digital signage for universities, such as digital wayfinding and digital bulletin boards, and explore some creative ways that digital signage can be used to make campuses more engaging and interactive.

1. Share inspirational content

A university campus is a place of learning, but also inspiration. Sharing inspirational content on digital signage is a great way to motivate and engage students. Imagine students walking to their next lecture or meeting and being greeted by a powerful quote from a renowned thinker or a successful alumni. Motivational or inspiring quotes, images, stories and video displayed on digital screens act as boosts of encouragement and contemplation throughout the day. Content can be carefully chosen to resonate with the diverse university community, with the potential to inspire, challenge, and uplift spirits. This creative use of digital signage turns ordinary pathways into journeys of inspiration.

2. Level up wayfinding with virtual campus tours

Digital wayfinding for universities is essential, especially for navigating sprawling campuses. New Zealand universities can take things a step further with the innovative use of interactive digital signage for virtual campus tours. These digital guides are not just about providing directions: they immerse visitors and new students in a visual journey across the university. With the tap of a screen, users can explore different faculties, student services, libraries, and recreational facilities from a single location. Interactive maps, 3D virtual reality and rich multimedia not only assist with wayfinding, but invite the community to discover and engage with the university in a whole new way.

3. Promote campus events and activities

Digital signage is playing a crucial role in the way universities share information about campus events and activities. Strategically placed digital displays are a brilliant way to catch student attention and get them involved in what is happening around them. From sports matches, art exhibitions and guest lectures to social events and student club gatherings, digital screens located throughout campus ensure no one misses out on social or learning opportunities. This method of promotion is not only efficient, it is also eco-friendly, cutting down on the need for paper posters and flyers. It also allows for last-minute updates to be shared instantly, ensuring everyone has the latest information.

New Zealand University Digital Signage

4. Encourage community with digital social media walls

Socialising is a big part of university life, and digital signage is now taking social media to the heart of New Zealand universities. Digital social media walls can be used to showcase posts, photos and videos shared by students, faculty, and visitors, providing a vibrant and dynamic way to showcase the daily life, achievements, and special moments happening on campus. By seeing their own posts displayed on large screens, everyone feels part of the university’s story. This not only boosts engagement, but encourages a stronger sense of community.

5. Recognise and reward students, faculty and donors

Digital signage provides a modern approach to showcasing the achievements and contributions of students, faculty, and generous donors, providing real-time recognition on screens across campus. With just a few clicks, the latest accomplishments can be shared for all to see, fostering a culture of appreciation and motivation. It is a fantastic way to publicly acknowledge hard work and generosity, encouraging others to strive for excellence and support the university community.

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