A Quick Guide to Scala Enterprise 13.10

by Scala Team

A Quick Guide to Scala Enterprise 13.10

by Scala Team

Regular upgrades and updates are key to the ongoing success of your digital signage network, and are a great reason to remain current with your Annual Maintenance Contract. Here is a quick guide to all the latest features, enhancements and fixes in the latest release of Scala’s core digital signage platform, Scala Enterprise 13.10.

Scala Apps: get your digital signage content up and running quickly

Scala Apps is a brand new set of fully designed templates for common types of digital signage content, from welcome messages and calendar events to digital menus, weather, and more. Available to all users who upgrade to Scala Enterprise 13.10, these templates are easily updated with your specifics, empowering non-technical and technical users alike to quickly create high quality, customised messages.

Improved menu access in Scala Content Manager

Users of Scala Enterprise 13.10 can now access the main and system menus in fewer clicks. To improve convenience, menus can now be pinned to the sides of the window, so that they are always visible and accessible.

Direct Media Player Control: easy access and greater control over players and displays

Scala Enterprise 13.10 gives users greater control and a simplified process for performing common operations on both players and screens. Backend scripting has been replaced with a built-in player control functionality and users can easily schedule when displays power on and off. This ability to remotely power down displays based on set schedules also helps with minimising power consumption.

Note: Direct Player Control is limited to Linux and 64-bit Windows versions of Scala player software. Supported display screen brands and an RS232 connection are required for direct control on displays.

Improved Plan Generation information

A plan is a file that Scala Content Manager periodically generates and sends to media players, instructing the players what content to play and any maintenance that may be helpful if the user needs to troubleshoot any issues with plan generations. The new pages provide access to Plan Generation Summaries and Plan Generation History.

Easier colour design and selection in Scala Designer

Users of Scala Enterprise 13.10 can now enjoy a better overall experience when creating and editing colours with improvements to the colour palette in Scala Designer. Users can now enter HEX values for custom colours and save more colours as paint chips.

Other improvements and fixes

  • Content Manager’s Possible Memory leak fixed
  • Content Manager’s version of SSL upgraded
  • Slowdowns when generating reports in Content Manager fixed
  • Editing Messages – thumbnail previews properly update
  • LDAP users – ability to publish from design
  • Transition rendering fixed for players running 64 bit windows and Linux player software
  • Better workflow in Scala Designer

Upgrade now to Scala Enterprise 13.10

The latest release, Enterprise 13.10, is available at for customers under current Scala Maintenance. Upgrade today for the best Scala digital signage experience.

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