Quick Guide to Digital Signage for Theme Parks

by Scala Team

Quick Guide to Digital Signage for Theme Parks

by Scala Team

The amusement park industry in Asia-Pacific is growing rapidly, driven by increasing demand for leisure and entertainment activities in the region. Parks in Asia-Pacific are recording revenues exceeding pre-pandemic levels, but guest expectations of their visit have definitely changed. To meet these changing expectations, theme parks are looking for ways to improve the guest experience to keep visitors returning.
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Digital signage solutions are one of the most effective ways to create more engaging theme park experiences, as well as improve convenience and customer satisfaction.

Here we explore how digital signage for theme parks can help attract and engage visitors, while making for a more fun and enjoyable experience.

How have visitor expectations of theme parks changed?

According to June Ko, head of the global association of the attractions industry (IAAPA), guest behaviour and expectations have changed when it comes to amusement parks. Among the biggest changes are:

  1. the demand for interactive experiences, and
  2. better options for avoiding lengthy queues.

It’s no secret that queueing for rides is one of the less attractive elements of a visit to an amusement park. Further, guests increasingly expect immersive and interactive elements to engage them and add to the overall experience.

Top Digital Signage Solutions for Theme Parks

Digital Welcome Screens
Digital welcome screens are a great way to greet guests and provide them with important park information. Excite and inform visitors from the moment they enter the gates by displaying welcome messages, information about key park attractions and rides, wayfinding and maps and other helpful information. Promote your latest entry offer, loyalty program or season pass deals, and advertise upcoming events and new rides and attractions.

Digital Queue Management
Long queues can have a negative impact on the guest experience in theme parks. Guests may become frustrated if they have to wait too long in line, and this can lead to a less enjoyable experience. Digital queue management systems for theme parks can help reduce wait times while providing a more efficient way to manage queues.

Digital queue management systems can be used to:

  • display estimated wait times
  • provide real-time updates, and
  • allow guests to reserve their place in line.

When integrated with mobile apps, digital queue management solutions can also be used to alert guests about their place in the queue, right on their own device. Instead of waiting in one spot, guests can have the freedom to explore a nearby part of the park or grab a pre-ride refreshment, knowing they will receive a notification when it is their turn to enter an attraction or ride.

Digital Wayfinding Kiosks
Easy wayfinding is one of the most important elements of a successful theme park visit. Large parks can be overwhelming, and digital wayfinding can help guests plan their route to maximise their time.

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Interactive digital wayfinding kiosks can help guests find their way around busy theme parks, providing interactive maps and directions to different attractions and areas of the park. This helps guests reduce the amount of time they spend searching for their destination.

Digital wayfinding kiosks can also provide helpful information about the park, such as opening times, special offers and ride and attraction information.

Digital Menu Boards

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After the adrenalin rush that comes from a wild theme park ride, there often comes a big appetite! Digital menu boards can be used in the park’s food court area to promote food and beverage offerings, displaying enticing images of available food and drink options while helping guests find refreshments quickly and easily. Digital menu boards can also be used to promote special offers, discounts and combo deals, which can help increase sales for food vendors.

Social Media Videowalls
Fun experiences are meant to be shared, and that’s where social media videowalls come in! Social media videowalls can be used to create a more engaging theme park experience for guests, and allowing guests to post photos and videos of their experience on social media platforms, which can then be displayed on the videowall. Social media videowalls in theme parks can also be used to help increase brand awareness through easily shareable user-generated content.

Outdoor Digital Signage
If passers-by can’t see your attraction easily from outside, they may never know the fun and excitement on offer inside the gates. Theme parks can use large-format outdoor digital signage to create visibility and attract visitors. Large outdoor screens placed strategically at the park boundary can be used to showcase park attractions and rides, display promotional messages, and promote upcoming events or special offers to draw new visitors in.

Other uses for theme park digital signage

Emergency messages
Safety during emergency situations is a big concern for theme parks, and digital signage can play a role in keeping visitors safe. Digital signage can be used to deliver emergency messages to guests and display important information like:

  • evacuation routes
  • safety instructions
  • potential dangers or emergency alerts
  • real-time emergency updates
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Sometimes, visitors just want to relax after a big ride or a lot of walking around. Digital signage in dwell zones can be used to play entertaining video content while guests catch their breath. And sometimes, queues are unavoidable: theme park digital signage can help make the wait a little less boring, with fun music videos, promotional content and even interactive elements.

Advertising revenue
Brand or sponsor advertising can be a lucrative way for theme parks to generate an additional source of revenue. Digital displays can be used to display promotional messages from sponsors or partners, as well as park food and beverage vendors and retail brands. As well as generating additional revenue for the park, it helps increase brand awareness for the sponsors or partners.

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