Shopping Mall Digital Signage Solutions: Virtual Concierge

by Tahir Imran

Shopping Mall Digital Signage Solutions: Virtual Concierge

by Tahir Imran

Shopping malls are changing. They are evolving beyond just a place to go and indulge in a little retail therapy, and there’s no denying their popularity: retail shopping malls in Asia are estimated to have around 5.5 billion visits annually. Across Asia, with the rise of the middle class and higher disposable incomes, mall property owners are capitalising on the growing spending power of consumers in the region by turning malls into ‘one-stop lifestyle entertainment centres’. For many consumers, the mall has become a place where you can spend the whole day shopping, dining, relaxing and being entertained. Since the first mall opened in America over 70 years ago, countries around the world have copied and adapted the concept, and many have argued that Asia has made the mall its own. There is no denying the success of malls in Asia: while malls across the US are in decline, eight of the world’s ten biggest malls are located in the Asian region.
Shopping Mall Digital Signage Solutions : Virtual Concierge
Consumers are increasingly seeking evolved shopping experiences, but the basics of customer service still apply. Shoppers still need to be able to access the information they need, when they need it. And that’s where virtual concierge for shopping malls comes in.

In this blog, Scala Asia-Pacific’s Assistant Vice President of Research and Development, Tahir Imran, looks at some of the ways a virtual concierge can transform the way malls deliver customer services.

What is a virtual concierge?

A virtual concierge, also referred to as a digital concierge or virtual concierge kiosk, is an interactive device that allows customers to access the information and services they need during a visit to the mall. They usually come in the form of a kiosk, digital standee or other interactive digital screen, and they provide shoppers with useful information such as wayfinding directions and store locations, information about mall services and attractions, and other information. Additionally, virtual concierge can provide a direct link to the mall’s customer service team via audio or video call for real-time support.

How virtual concierge improves mall customer service

Virtual concierge for shopping malls helps reduce service desk queues by providing customers with an accessible, interactive system to easily navigate malls and access the latest store information. This removes the need for customers to wait in line to search for information or ask questions.

By layering in digital service touchpoints across the mall, customers gain access to additional services and more comprehensive information than they would have when speaking to a service helpdesk. Additionally, having multiple digital touchpoints across the mall allows customers to contact customer service or access wayfinding and other services in areas where there is not a service desk. This is especially helpful in busy shopping malls, as customers can find the information they need without having to line up or wait for assistance.

Top benefits of Virtual Concierge for malls

Real-time assistance with live video call

A virtual concierge kiosk with a live video call function provides an easy way for customer to connect with the mall customer service team. With live video call, customers can schedule appointments or ask questions in real-time.

Improved mall accessibility

A key benefit of a virtual digital concierge kiosk is that it can be used to help customers access mobility aids, as well as provide detailed information and recommendations about available services and products. Customers can access information about wheelchair or scooter rentals, as well as other mobility aids, such as walkers or cane holders. Additionally, it can provide customers with detailed directions to the accessible areas in the mall, making it easier for customers to navigate and access the stores they need.

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Highlight mall and nearby attractions

In addition to providing real-time assistance and wayfinding, a virtual digital concierge can be used to highlight attractions within and near the mall, like restaurants, shops and parks. This can help customers explore more of the area, discover new places, and extend their shopping experience.

Promote sales and current promotions to drive revenue

Virtual concierge can be used to highlight current store sales and discounts, enabling customers to find the best deals and take advantage of them quickly. By displaying upcoming promotions and online offers, customers can plan ahead and take advantage of these deals in advance. This encourages customers to spend more in the mall, boosting mall sales and customer loyalty.

Easy event and appointment booking service

Virtual concierge can provide an avenue for customers to book appointments for services like mall events, personal shopping and styling sessions. Through an online booking system, customers can select their desired service and schedule an appointment. Additionally, virtual concierge can provide customers with detailed information about available services, such as descriptions, pricing, and more.

Optimise and centralise mall service staff

Virtual concierge kiosks can be installed across multiple points within the malls, making them more accessible to customers, but can also help reduce and optimise the number of staff required to man physical concierge desks. With virtual concierge, a central team of staff are able to manage multiple kiosks.

Improve mall operations with valuable analytics and insights

Virtual concierge kiosks provide a way to gather valuable data on customer service and shopepr needs and wants. As customers use them, the kiosk can collect data on when and how long, and for what purpose, it was used. This data can then be used to optimise mall operations and further improve service. For example, if there are a lot of requests for wheelchairs from a kiosk located near an escalator, mall management can add wheelchair collection point in that location.

Features to look for in a Virtual Concierge

Virtual concierge can come in multiple forms, from standalone kiosks to interactive touchscreens, but these are the main features that should be included in a virtual concierge solution for malls:

  • Interactive, touchscreen display
  • Digital store directory and digital wayfinding
  • Live audio or video call function to connect directly with customer service representatives
  • Feedback system

In addition to the above, many virtual concierge solutions also include access to a variety of other information and services including:

  • Up-to-date store information, sales and special offers
  • Information on upcoming events
  • Recommendations for local attractions and restaurants
  • Ability to search for products and find their locations
  • QR code scanning for promotions and discounts
  • Appointment booking service for mall events, styling sessions and more
  • Payment processing capabilities

Transform customer service in your mall with Scala Virtual Concierge

Scala Virtual Concierge for shopping malls is changing the way malls deliver exceptional customer service. From live, real-time assistance to easy digital wayfinding, Scala Virtual Concierge holds the answers to transforming the customer experience in your mall.

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About the Author:

Tahir Imran is Assistant Vice President, Research and Development, responsible for leading and managing the research and development efforts of STRATACACHE/ Scala in Asia-Pacific. With a background in science and engineering, he has extensive experience in research, product development, and project management. He works closely with teams across the organisation from marketing to operations and sales, to develop and implement strategies for new product development, as well as improve existing products. He stays up-to-date on industry trends and emerging technologies, leveraging this knowledge to drive innovation and maintain a competitive edge in the marketplace.

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