Build Smart Campuses with Digital Signage – Infographic

by Scala Team

Build Smart Campuses with Digital Signage – Infographic

by Scala Team

The global education industry is expected to grow from $85.43 billion in 2021 to $169.72 billion in 2028, at a CAGR of 10.3%. To harness this growth potential, educational institutions are adopting different tools to enhance teaching and learning, and deliver an unparalleled campus experience.

While some universities are joining hands with technology giants to reinforce research and development efforts, others are seeking education digital signage to build smart campuses. From offering dynamic wayfinding to promoting interactive blended learning, education digital signage brings immense benefits and is quickly changing the landscape in educational institutions worldwide.

Scala CMS

Scala empowers educational institutions to modernise their campus

Education digital signage solutions such as interactive kiosks, wayfinding screens, digital menu boards and video walls have revolutionised the campus experience for students, teachers and visitors.

Scala has empowered many schools and universities globally to modernise their campus and create enriched learning environments. For example, Wichita University has been utilising Scala’s digital signage solutions for the past 15 years to digitally transform their campus. The campus-wide project continues to expand, helping departments organise and promote their accomplishments, while delivering a seamless communication system for the entire campus.

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